Every company needs to market their business in order to attract new customers (and to keep current ones). In real estate and in the mortgage industry, marketing is just as critical as any other business, but a broad-brush approach likely will not be successful here. Some companies may only work in specific geographic regions or may only work with specific property types. These businesses need to cut through the many options available for consumers today and reach a targeted audience that is eager for the products they provide, from real estate and mortgage solutions to servicing platforms.

A wealth of information

ATTOM’s Property Data API has all the information real estate and mortgage companies need, regularly updated and from a variety of trusted and reliable resources. Users can look at property profiles, sales histories and plat maps, as well as valuation models and comparable sales data. In addition to the property information that is critical in real estate, users of the ATTOM Property Data API can access neighborhood information, including schools and school zones, crime statistics and other community-based data. Data is available for properties nationwide, covering more than 155 million properties and 99 percent of the population. The breadth of information makes the API useful for companies that need national-level data as well as those looking for information on a specific property.

With all this information readily available, companies can not only target the specific sector they want to market to, but they can also tailor marketing messages to the consumers they’re trying to reach. And, of course, this information can be the foundation of marketing messaging on the company website or in-app content. ATTOM Data Solutions is ready to help users access this information in real time with seamless integration to existing software, websites and apps, providing users with the highest service for simple changes and complex solutions alike.

Turn prospects into customers

Once the targeted marketing reaches its desired audience, it’s easy to turn potential customers into clients with ATTOM’s Property Data API. Companies can quickly pivot from targeted marketing queries to transactional needs, including form completions, property values, and other property-specific reports. The data will also help mortgage companies as they look to analyze risk levels for various properties by considering ATTOM Data Solutions’ rich data in foreclosure and pre-foreclosure histories, as well as real estate sales history and more.

By working with the Property Data API directly, companies have access to the most current data available, thoroughly vetted and quality-assured by ATTOM Data Solutions, and they have the ability to cull the data to find the information that is most pertinent to them and the clients they want to reach. From lead generation tools to risk management solutions, ATTOM has the data companies need.

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