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Secure Sales Depend on Superior Comparable Sales Data

Real estate professionals rely on real estate comps reports to price a home for a quick sale. Lenders and refinancing companies rely on valuations based on comparable sales data to determine lendable equity and their lending risk exposure. ATTOM delivers comparable sales analysis data reports that consider property characteristics and recent sales of “like” homes when determining the value of homes. These reports are fundamental resources for stakeholders in property markets.

ATTOM’s Comparable Sales Data Adds Value

Valuing a home is serious business. How a property is priced can mean the difference between a clean and quick sale or a listing that languishes on the market for weeks or months. Property owners typically consider their properties to be worth more than the market tells them, so it is vital that valuations are based on up-to-date, accurate, and relevant data like comparable sales.

How Can You Use ATTOM’s Real Estate Comps Data?


Real Estate

Real estate agents gain easy and fast access to comparable sales data so that they can price properties to move and not linger on the market. For clients, this means less expense and a better selling experience.
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Mortgage Providers and Lenders

Comparable sales data forms the basis of any property valuation. ATTOM’s reports combine comparable sales with property details, neighborhood characteristics, and amenities to provide users the insight needed to determine a property’s value for loans and refinancing.
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Institutional Investors

Comparable sales data allows institutional investors to mitigate risk by comparing one property or purchase target with another. Better business decisions are based on comparable data.
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Financial Services


Comparable sales data improves property market evaluations so that insurance firms can be confident in their calculations and even reduce costs for themselves and their clients or avoid underinsuring their clients.
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New Borrowers


Marketers can stimulate sales by targeting the right prospects. Real estate comps data incorporated into marketing performance reports can be motivating for buyers, sellers, and investors.
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