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As a business that specializes in home improvements, we use ATTOM’s property data to help grow our business revenue in a number of ways. First and foremost, we use ATTOM’s property data to understand more about the products and services that will sell well with our customers. We also use ATTOM in other areas of our business, such as to generate new leads. In this post, we explore how we use ATTOM’s property data in more detail.

ATTOM’s Property Data for Products and Services

ATTOM’s property data has been very helpful for unearthing the latest trends in home renovations. We use data to tailor the products and services we offer to better reflect the interests and wishes of our prospective customer base. For example, we’ve previously used ATTOM to uncover the most popular features being added to properties in the areas we target and have used this data to create new packaged services.

This data has also been helpful in improving the reach of our content marketing initiatives, as we have gained deeper insights into the trends that are of most interest to our prospective customer base – such as the additions of pools or eco-friendly property features. We used this data as the basis for new content marketing ideas – which has helped drive more targeted traffic to our site.

Building More Targeted Mailing Lists

ATTOM is particularly helpful when it comes to lead generation. We use ATTOM to find and target growing markets where homeowners are investing in renovations for their properties. For example, ATTOM provides us with access to refinance data that enables us to find markets where homeowners are tapping equity for home improvements.

We also use this data to build targeted, segmented mailing lists for our direct mail campaigns. For example, we have tailored one of our campaigns to target high-income property owners, with a history of ongoing home renovations, for higher level upgrades.

Moreover, we also use ATTOM’s property data to find homes that may be in need of an upgrade, such as those that have not have any work undertaken on them for several years – according to historic building permit data. In addition, we also used ATTOM’s property ownership and foreclosure data to build a list of new property owners and new owners of distressed homes that can benefit for home improvements.

Since parenting with ATTOM and using their real estate data to build highly targeted, segmented marketing lists, our response rates and conversion rates have increased. We are no longer alienating prospective customers with irrelevant products, services, and offers. Now we can ensure each of our marketing materials and offers are optimized to suit the needs and interest of each prospect we contact.

How ATTOM Has Helped Us Grow

As a home improvements company with ambitions to scale quickly, ATTOM’s property data has been integral to our growth. ATTOM have helped us to better tailor our products and services to meet customer demands, while also enabling us to target our prospects more effectively.

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This is a theoretical use case based on an ATTOM client.

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