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The property assessment value is the dollar value assigned to a property used to set applicable taxes. The county assessor takes real estate comp sales into consideration. Depending on the county, one may provide real estate assessed values, while another provides market values, with the final intention of using this property assessment data to calculate the property taxes to be billed to the owners.

ATTOM Assessed and Market Value Data Are Critical Resources

Assessors provide valuations annually to determine a property owner’s annual property tax. The assessed value is a percentage of this value, oftentimes taking into consideration the overall quality of the property, surrounding property values, square footage, home features, and market conditions. Thus, these datasets are meaningful for lenders and others who conduct property valuations.

Assessed property values are just one example of valuable tax assessor public data that your business or real estate platform can leverage. Real estate professionals, investors, developers, and legal representatives can all benefit from easy-to-access assessor data that is up-to-date, accurate, and can be integrated into meaningful reports for valuable insight.

How Can You Use ATTOM’s Property Assessed Value Data?

Financial Services

Real Estate Portals

Property values are the first datapoint real estate investors look for. Place ATTOM’s assessor parcel data front and center to streamline research efforts for visitors to your portal.
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Companies performing valuations and appraisals can apply reliable assessor tax value data to their processes for better and faster results.
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New Borrowers

Marketing List Brokers

Marketers use assessor data to create email lists. Conversion rates and ROIs can soar when marketing strategies are designed to address different levels of property values and tax obligations.
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Property Investors

Home buyers and investors need assessor tax value data to determine what their tax obligations will be and to determine the potential returns on a property over time.
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