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ATTOM’s Transportation Noise Data

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Transportation Noise Pollution Data

The level of transportation noise in an area can have an enormous impact on a property. The impacts of an abundance of noise include anxiety, stress, concentration issues, cardiovascular issues, and hearing and memory loss. Noise levels are a top area of concern for home seekers.

Comprehensive Data at Your Fingertips

ATTOM’s noise data includes a summary of a desired location’s noise environment, along with scores for the following individual noise sources:

  • Roads and Highways

A score of 0 to 3 indicates the average daily road/highway exposure, considering average volumes and vehicle speeds.

  • Railroads and Railroad Crossings

A score of 0 to 3 describes peak noise exposure—the moment when trains pass. The score takes into account rail types, including heavy rail, metro, and light rail. Railroad crossing data describes peak noise exposure from railroad horns at the point of road crossings and distance to railroad crossings.

  • Airports

A score of 0 to 3 indicates the average aviation noise exposure around standard flight paths into and out of airports for the lower-48 U.S. states.

  • Hospitals and Fire Vehicles/Stations

A score of 0 to 3 describes peak noise exposure from emergency vehicles from fire stations and emergency room hospitals. Noise data includes the emergency vehicle source name and the distance from the location.

ATTOM Transportation Noise Data—Better Valuations, Faster Sales

Like other data products, such as school attendance areas, crime, and walk scores, noise data brings buyers and sellers into alignment. If a home is in a congested area with particularly loud transportation noise, that will be reflected in the price. Conversely, if a property is in an unusually quiet zone within an urban area, that might push up the price.

Accurate valuations rely on a number of different factors and datasets.

How Can You Use ATTOM’s Transportation Noise Data?


Real Estate

The real estate industry serves clients with unique needs and characteristics. ATTOM’s noise data and other products are tools that allow brokers and agents to inform clients, save time, and close deals quickly and successfully.
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Mortgage providers need accurate valuations. ATTOM’s data products include environmental data, such as noise, air pollution, radon, and weather risk, all of which lead to more accurate valuations and faster loans.
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Construction Development

Noise levels impact property construction. New construction can apply sound-proofing techniques in urban areas and areas deemed noise-polluted. With ATTOM’s data, developers can plan their projects with more accurate budgets.
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Effective government decisions are based on comprehensive environmental information. Noise data is a critical factor that should be carefully considered in urban planning and housing policy decisions.
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Data Collection

Noise data expands the reach of data service platforms, making them invaluable resources for real estate professionals, investors, home seekers, and researchers.
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