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ATTOM’s Assessor Tax Values for Every Industry

The tax burdens that are attached to a real property influence investors’ decisions. The annual tax amount is calculated by a county’s tax collector and is usually a percentage of the assessed or real estate market value of a property. Tax value data also influences potential buyers because the data reflects the local community, in terms of the quality of public schools, community colleges, libraries, infrastructure, local government salaries, and more. ATTOM’s assessor tax value data is meaningful to many key stakeholders, including property developers and home service providers.

ATTOM’s Real Estate Property Tax Data for Investments

Assessor tax values will attract a broad range of users to your data site. ATTOM’s assessor data provides the tax values, as well as indicates what a property may be used for — residential, agricultural, apartment, office, commercial, or vacant land. Capture a wider audience for your platform with assessor tax information.

How Can You Use ATTOM’s Assessor Tax Value Data?



Since taxes are a liability to a buyer’s or owner’s borrowing power, a lender will apply this tax liability in calculating the borrower’s DTI ratios.
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Financial Services

Real Estate Portals

Facilitate data analysis for real estate professionals and buyers with ATTOM’s assessor parcel data as a central feature of your portal.
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Financial Services

Business Consulting

Business consultants, accountants, and financial advisors can better serve clients in their life planning decisions with access to accurate tax and assessor data.                                                   Learn More

New Borrowers

Marketing List Brokers

Marketers use assessor data to create email lists. Improve the outreach conversion rates for your marketing clients with ATTOM’s assessor tax value data.
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Home buyers and investors need assessor tax value data to determine what their tax obligations will be and whether investing in a property or piece of land is a wise decision.
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