Rental AVM FAQs

Real Estate Automated Valuation Models (AVMs)

What is a rental AVM?

A rental AVM is an automated valuation model (AVM) for rental properties. It can provide users with an estimated monthly rental value (as well as a high and low range) for a property they may be considering investing in. It can also help users extrapolate local trends and for mortgage lending purposes.

What kind of properties does the rental AVM work with?

ATTOM’s rental AVM is designed for analyzing single-family residences nationwide. Its estimated rental values are based on data from over 72 million similar properties nationwide.

What can I use a rental AVM for?

Rental AVMs are best used by real estate investors looking to evaluate the potential profits, return on investment, and viability of new investment properties. Investors may also use the rental AVM for analytics purposes, often to identify trends in specific geographic areas and markets.

Our rental AVM can also be used by real estate portals and platforms to enhance content and SEO efforts and by mortgage professionals in the verification process on investment loans.

How are rental values calculated?

The rental AVM product takes into account a number of important metrics. All estimates utilize ATTOM’s comprehensive, nationwide property database and are based on grouped and localized properties using our proven geospatial filters. These include ZIP code, city, and county, as well as more drilled-down details like neighborhood, school district, and county/township subdivisions. We then use a nationwide rental dataset as the benchmark against which we generate rental estimates.

For more questions on how our rental AVM estimates are calculated, reach out to an ATTOM representative today.

How often are the rental values updated?

Since rents are typically charged (and changed) on only a monthly basis, ATTOM’s rental AVM estimates are updated monthly as well. If you need more current property data, ATTOM’s nationwide property database is updated daily. It can help you gather details about a property’s neighborhood, schools, owner history, tax value, estimated sale price, and more.

How do I get started?

If you’re interested in using ATTOM’s rental AVM product to improve your business or investment portfolio, get in touch with ATTOM’s team today. We can set you up with a free trial or help you integrate our rental AVM API into your team’s internal processes and efforts.


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