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Address Data for Real Estate

Street. Town. City.

Addresses Are the Foundation for Real Estate Analytics

Buyers and sellers often have a target area or a property in mind, but little knowledge of the economic or environmental context of that property or area. ATTOM’s property address database can pinpoint the exact location of properties so that discovery efforts yield relevant insights. Where is the nearest town? What is the mailing address? What schools and amenities are close by? What are the trends in the local property market? Address data is crucial for discovery analytics for sound business decisions.

Locate Properties, Discover Insights

Our property address data covers 155 million properties nationwide. By using address data combined with geolocator capabilities, properties can be mapped visually so that patterns and trends emerge about a certain area or the properties within that area. Use ATTOM’s property address database for more extensive searches using selected filters to find exactly the information you’re looking for, such as property and owner characteristics, sales history, and taxes.

  • Build a complete visual

Use address data to gather information on the surrounding area, such as the nearest metro areas, schools, amenities, mailing address and private and public development plans.

  • Accurately valuate properties

Quickly find comparable properties close by an address to gain a more accurate valuation. Include factors such as the location, amenities, and the local economic climate when assessing an investment proposition.

  • Find trends

Use physical address data to find patterns and trends in nearby markets. Find out if prices of nearby properties are rising or falling and why that might be the case.

How Can You Use ATTOM’s Address Data?

New Borrowers

Real Estate Brokers and Agents

Better serve your clients with better data. Quickly find the location of properties they seek and provide contextual information at the same time, such as local demographics, amenities, schools, and shopping.
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Distressed Property Owners


Using the real estate industry’s most comprehensive address database, ATTOM’s address data enables targeted financial and risk assessments that include all potential outcomes.
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Use address data to better assess a property and its potential. Find comparable properties that might be a better choice and make informed business decisions that build a more robust portfolio.
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Financial Services


Quickly locate target properties and better assess risk based on discovery of contextual information, such as flood risk, climate, or other environmental factors.
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Financial Services


Use ATTOM address data for rapid targeted marketing and a robust pipeline of business. Filter address data by owner characteristics and build better outreach strategies with a full understanding of potential client needs.
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A Variety of Solutions for Your Data Needs

ATTOM can deliver your data in a number of ways including:




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