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ATTOM’s Hurricane Index

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ATTOM’s Hurricane Data for Nationwide Property Stakeholders

Extreme storms can have a profound impact on ecosystems and human-built structures within coastal regions. Loss of life and property is the direct result of high winds and heavy rain. The National Hurricane Center forecasts and tracks hurricanes using satellites, reconnaissance aircraft, ships, buoys, and radar. These datasets serve coastal and in-land communities.

Property owners rely on hurricane risk index data developed from this science and technology to make better investment decisions. Structural engineering services depend on this data to plan projects and assess material costs, while insurers rely on accurate risk data for reinsurance strategy planning.

ATTOM Hurricane Index Data Mitigates Catastrophe

Hurricanes bring destructive winds, storm surges, torrential rain, flooding, and tornadoes. A single storm can wreak havoc on coastal and inland communities. Homeowners, businesses, service providers, and local administrators all need access to hurricane risk maps and hazard data for better planning and risk mitigation. ATTOM’s hurricane risk indexes and hurricane risk maps provide the knowledge required to help at-risk communities and economies recover quickly from severe weather.

How Can You Use ATTOM’s Hurricane Index Data?

New Borrowers

Vacation Rentals

Beachfront vacation homes are particularly vulnerable to hurricane damage. Businesses and property owners use hurricane indices for insurance and investment decisions.
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Distressed Property Owners


Climate change and hurricane researchers rely on weather-related predictive data analytics. ATTOM’s hazard risk datasets cover wind, tornados, flooding, and hail used in government, institutional, and privately funded studies.
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Construction Developer

Developers need precise weather-related data, such as the hurricane risk index, to ensure their structures are engineered to withstand the local weather environment.
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Distressed Property Owners

Technology and Data Platforms

Data platforms that host ATTOM’s hurricane risk data and other hazard indicies leverage cutting-edge research and analytics.
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New Borrowers


Insurance companies rely on ATTOM’s hurricane risk index to assess property risk and for reinsurance planning.
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