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Data & Analytic Solutions for Construction & Development

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Know the Risks Before You Take on a Project

Developers and builders rely on ATTOM’s property data to research areas before they invest in projects. Fully grasping the implications of any project reduces risk, optimizes budgets, and allows for more accurate scheduling. Robust real estate data and analytics ensure a streamlined project from start to finish.

  • Combine data, technology, and analytics across all construction phases for better planning, efficiency, and profitability.
  • Build platforms for property flippers so that they can view assessor, recorder, and zoning data to make purchase decisions.
  • Use assessor data to identify potential new markets.
  • Identify possible tear-downs and their characteristics, such as lot width and depth.
  • Identify potential historic restoration sites.

Use Data & Analytics to Plan Projects and Gain Efficiencies

Find development opportunities faster and build a pipeline of projects. ATTOM helps developers plan for the future with insights into possible areas for development, open land use information, and permit requirements. Better planning means streamlined projects from start to finish.

Benefits for the Construction & Development Industry

  • The ability to spot potential development projects from data analytics and trends.
  • Access to land, development, and community data for better planning and marketing.
  • Less exposure to risk from the ability to thoroughly research investments, economic trends, and natural and man-made hazards.
  • Increased ROI through efficiencies from digital solutions integrated with ATTOM’s extensive real estate data sets.
  • Optimize your investments and operations with digital solutions.

Trust ATTOM to Control Your Construction Development Strategy

  • Integrate project management systems and data to avoid a disjointed construction lifecycle.
  • Manage contractors efficiently with more accurate projections for project specs, requirements, and timelines.

How Can the Construction & Development Industry Use ATTOM?

Distressed Property Owners

Find potential development projects ahead of your competitors

Use ATTOM’s real estate data and analytics to research sites and identify flood and hazard risks.

New Borrowers

Maximize your investment and select optimal development projects

Analyze demographic, social, and geospatial data combined with predictive analytics before making an investment decision.

Financial Services

Streamline project management

Use digital solutions supported by the latest data to accurately predict project timelines and manage contractors efficiently.

Financial Services

Reduce costs

Research government initiatives, grants, or funding opportunities.

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