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ATTOM’s Hail Index

Precipitant. Precise. Prepared.

ATTOM’s Essential Nationwide Hail Index

Hail can cause billions of dollars of damage to structures, crops, and livestock—an average of $1 billion in damage annually in the United States. In densely populated metro areas, hail can damage roofs, siding, and has caused other types of structural damage adding up to over $2 billion annually. ATTOM’s data shows the risk of property damage across the nation with clear and accurate predictive indices that can drill down to individual properties or zip codes. Our hail index data is based on spatial analysis and the latest climate science so that data consumers make informed business and investment decisions.

ATTOM’s Hail Index Helps Mitigate Property Damage

ATTOM’s hail index data includes predictive analytics on hail and the risk of damaging winds. Our data is based on United States Geological Survey public records delivered in practical, accessible, and digestible data batches. Visitors to your platform or website gain a clear business advantage with ATTOM datasets.

How Can You Use ATTOM’s Hail Index Data?

New Borrowers

Technology and Data Platforms

The most comprehensive data platforms include fundamental weather-related information. For land and property owners, hazard risk data, like the hail index, powers informed investment and business decisions.
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New Borrowers


ATTOM’s weather and hail index data offers optimal risk assessment for insurance companies and better planning for clients.
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Construction Development

Developers who understand the risk of hail and weather events can use materials that ensure structures are robust to the elements. ATTOM’s hail index data allows for more accurate costing of projects.
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Distressed Property Owners


Climate change is a topic of concern for researchers globally. ATTOM’s hazard risk data sets the core of scientific weather-related research and government studies.
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Distressed Property Owners


Hazard and weather-related risk affects property prices. Lenders and mortgage providers need to understand weather events to develop relevant lending instruments.
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