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ATTOM's FEMA Flood Hazard Data

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Mitigating the Economic Impact of Flood Events

Environmental hazards are costly for homeowners, businesses, and governments, and mitigating risk is paramount for affected areas such as flood zones. Flooding is one of the most common environmental disasters, and the risk associated is constantly changing because of new building, development, and weather patterns. ATTOM’s FEMA flood hazard data serves to help make communities more resilient.

Our FEMA flood hazard data supports science and the building of partnerships and long-term hazard mitigation planning. With detailed data, better decisions minimize the economic and social damage caused by floods.

ATTOM’s FEMA Flood Hazard Data

ATTOM’s flood hazard and flood zone data is sourced from the latest government resources. They are created from a series of spatial analyses carried out from publicly available U.S. Geological Survey data. With ATTOM’s flood hazard data and maps, private and public planners can make better development decisions, well-informed property owners can purchase adequate insurance, and insurance providers can better judge their reinsurance needs.

How Can You Use ATTOM’s Flood Hazard and Zone Data?

Distressed Property Owners

Home Services

Home service companies and retailers can use ATTOM’s flood zone data to better understand and predict the needs of their customers and plan for possible environmental-related events.
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Distressed Property Owners


Local government and researchers need to monitor flood zones and climate change to help mitigate future environmental hazard events. Private companies and public institutions rely on flood risk data for collaborating on mitigation efforts to help communities in flood zones.
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New Borrowers


Insurance companies must protect themselves from large financial losses. Where flood hazards are a possibility, insurance companies need accurate risk data to plan their reinsurance needs.
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New Borrowers

Real Estate

Homebuyers and investors need to be better informed and aware of the changes that occur in flood zones. ATTOM’s flood data show the latest risks so that real estate and property agents can better serve their clients.
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Construction Development

Both public and private developers rely on accurate flood zone and flood risk data for planning purposes. Climate change means that new flood plain mapping research technologies are even more critical for developers.
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