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ATTOM’s ZIP Code and Postal City Boundaries

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ATTOM Zip Code Boundaries for Parcel-Level Accuracy

ATTOM ZIP Codes provides nationwide spatial demarcations of ZIP Code boundaries along with names and associated attributes.

While ZIP Codes were introduced to improve the efficiency of mail sorting and delivery, their release created unexpected socioeconomic benefits as an organizing device. As a result, ZIP Codes now support countless business functions across every industry.

Due to the ZIP Code’s inclusion in property addresses, their relatively small spatial scale, the community and identity representation they foster, and the vast wealth of information published at the ZIP Code level, they are a great fit for use in property search, insurance, marketing, sales territory alignment, site selection, thematic maps, and numerous other types of geospatial analyses.

The ATTOM GIS Team uses a proprietary process to create ZIP Code and postal boundaries, utilizing USPS Carrier Routes and various other USPS publications and data sets to identify new and retired ZIP Codes and changes in ZIP Code spatial definitions and names.

ATTOM Postal Boundaries – the Premier City Layer for Property Search

Unlike Census Incorporated Places that only cover 3.5% of the land area of the US, ATTOM Postal Cities fully cover the entire country, making them the ideal “City” solution for most use cases.
Postal map US
Incorporated Places (yellow) overlaid on Postal Cities (green) for coverage comparison
Postal map US
Additionally, because they are constructed from US Postal Service data, the names and boundaries of ATTOM Postal Cities will be familiar to local residents because they match the postal city names in their property addresses.

How Can You Use ATTOM’s Postal Boundaries Data?

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Real Estate Portals

Property portals enable users to restrict properties to a specific ZIP Code or Postal City in real-time using geospatial filtering, regardless of the population rate or accuracy of the ZIP Code or Postal City information on the underlying property listing records.
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Financial Services

Home Services

Home service businesses merge ZIP Code Boundaries to create aligned service territories. Additionally, businesses compare potential facility locations using our Zip Code Boundaries, Community Info, Assessor / Tax, Parcel Boundary, and Points of Interest products for site selection.
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Real Estate Brokers

Real Estate Professionals utilize Postal Boundaries data as a nationwide city layer for MLS listings search. Additionally, ZIP Codes and Postal Cities are used with demographic, cost of living, climate, crime and property trends data in community comparisons and property reports.
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Marketers utilize Postal Boundaries data and separately available demographic and socioeconomic data for targeted marketing campaigns and sales strategies.
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Technology and Data Platforms

Technology and data platforms utilize ZIP Code and Postal City Boundaries with demographic, cost of living, climate, crime and property trends data to offer engaging data visualizations.
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