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Census Boundaries

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Census Boundaries for Visual Accuracy and Clarity

ATTOM’s census boundary data includes various geographies with a large range of sizes, population, and governmental functions. These datasets enable property searches for familiar named areas such as counties, cities, and townships. The included boundaries can be utilized for census boundary map overlays.

When combined with ATTOM’s demographic data or property layers, these nationwide census boundary datasets can be used to create engaging thematic maps and data visualizations for analyzing population shifts, crime rates, sales trends, and a wealth of other metrics.


ATTOM provides a variety of Census Boundaries, including:

  • States
  • Core-Based Statistical Areas
  • Counties
  • County Subdivisions
  • Incorporated Places
  • Census Designated Places
  • Tracts
  • Block Groups
  • Blocks
  • Congressional Districts
  • And more…
Census Boundaries Map

ATTOM Census Boundaries — Standardized, Enriched, and Unified

ATTOM provides the most up-to-date census boundary data on all levels of geography. All layers are consolidated, reorganized, standardized, and enriched to simplify customer integrations. All datasets are unified with persistent, unique IDs to enable easy traversal across layers and delivery platforms. Additional contextual information such as demographic, socioeconomic, cost of living, climate, crime, environmental, and natural disaster risk data is calculated for these layers and is separately available.

How Can You Use ATTOM’s Census Boundaries Data?

New Borrowers

Real Estate Portals

Visitors to property portals can isolate properties to a specific county, city, township, or other Census geography in real-time using geospatial filtering.
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Real Estate Brokers

Real estate professionals can create hierarchies of geographical links and landing pages to support search and SEO efforts.
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Financial Services

Real Estate

Real estate professionals can tag listing records with important legal county, city, and township information, as these can impact property tax rates and the availability of various public services.
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Financial Services

Institutional Investors

Create visually appealing and informative applications by displaying the geographic boundaries of various legal and statistical census entities, along with associated demographics and current market trends.
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Financial Services


Marketers can use hyperlocal Census Block Groups or Tracts and associated demographics and socioeconomic data for targeted campaigns that will turn leads into real estate transactions.
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New Borrowers

Technology and Data Platforms

Technology and data platforms can utilize hyperlocal census block groups or tracts and demographic or property trend data to offer engaging thematic maps and data visualizations for users.
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