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myAVM is the first valuation tool designed with a modern, clean interface and in-depth, accurate information on the value of a home. Get started with a free two-week trial.

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Generate New Seller Leads for Your Business

Home sellers are valuable. Rather than paying a third party for these leads, why not generate your own? Capture leads on your own website or with a unique landing page with no website integration required.

myAVM- Seller Leads
Property Report- Stay in Contact

Automatically Stay in Contact with Your Leads

Every lead receives valuation updates on their property every two weeks with your brand and contact information. myAVM doesn’t just help you get seller leads, it makes sure you keep them.

Land More Clients

Help land more clients and build your own credibility with printed reports. Bring them to new clients or email them to prospects. Every report is accurate, professional and features your brand and contact information.

Land More Clients
Land More Clients

Flexible Pricing for Any Size Company

Start generating quality leads today with your free two-week trial.

Data You Can Trust

15 Years in the Industry

Property values are calculated using multiple models and inputs, including assessments, sales, on-market prices and trends. All data is updated monthly using the data aggregation methodology ATTOM has perfected after 15 years.

National Coverage

ATTOM is a leading provider of publicly recorded tax, deed, mortgage and foreclosure data along with proprietary neighborhood and parcel-level risk data for more than 155 million U.S. properties.

Interactive Features

The valuation offers a range and allows users to indicate the condition of the property, creating an opportunity to start a dialogue with every visitor.

More Seller Leads for Your Business

Automated valuation models are a proven way to generate seller leads, but many of the turnkey options available today are either cost-prohibitive or difficult to digest. myAVM is a reaction to this trend, providing attractive, accurate reports that are priced to appeal to any size real estate company. Seller leads provide agents more control over the home sale. Because these leads are so valuable, having tools you can trust that resonate with sellers can make a big difference in your business. Using an automated valuation model like myAVM can help you get more seller leads for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is myAVM?

myAVM is a cost-effective, flexible, modern automated valuation model (AVM) designed for any size real estate firm to target a new generation of homeowners. myAVM presents essential information on a home’s value in a truly novel way.

Clients can use myAVM in two ways: to capture seller leads on their website or landing page, or by printing reports from myAVM to give to clients.

It is simply the best way to get noticed by a new segment of home sellers and to ease dependence on purchasing leads from a third party. With myAVM, you can generate your own leads.

How does it work?

myAVM is delivered in three easy ways. Choose what works for you.

  1. myAVM Landing Page: Your own web page with your brand and contact information. It exists independent of your website and requires no implementation or development work.
  2. myAVM Bar: A simple snippet of code, this bar can become a part of an existing site to help capture seller leads by delivering the estimated value of any home in the country.
  3. myAVM Printed Report: myAVM is printable, producing professional, eye-catching reports.  You can send reports to prospects or clients or bring them to meetings.
What is the customer experience of myAVM?

When an online visitor completes a lead capture form on your website or page, they can view and print a robust property report. Each report features relevant data on that property, including the current estimated value based on market trends and recent sales. This valuable information is presented in a modern, professional design. The report interprets millions of data points from ATTOM Data Solutions, so all information is accurate, valid, and up-to-date.

Every lead is instantly sent to you, so you know when a new lead comes in.

Leads also receive automatic email alerts when the home’s value changes. These email alerts come from your email and have your contact information and branding.

You receive a weekly update on the myAVM activity and ongoing nurture campaigns, so you can identify and target those leads more likely to take action. Weekly updates include number of new leads, as well as open and click-through rates on the email campaigns.

myAVM is an effective way to not only capture seller leads, but nurture them with content they care about.

How much does myAVM cost?

We have custom plans and pricing depending on the size and scope of the company.  Please contact us for pricing.

What is the set-up like? How do I get started?

When you sign up for the plan, you will immediately receive a confirmation email. We will collect your credit card information upon sign-up and automatically bill monthly.

A member of the Client Success team will reach out to you within 48 hours to obtain your logo and other information to set up your landing page. You can also provide your Facebook or Google pixel for tracking purposes. You will then receive a piece of code to embed into your website, blog, or online page.  If you work with a third-party vendor to manage your website, we can work with them on your behalf to get myAVM implemented. You will not be charged during this brief set-up process.

Who is it for?

myAVM is designed to improve seller lead generation and conversion for residential real estate companies (broker, agents, mortgage companies, insurance companies, and more). It offers information home sellers care about with estimated property valuations and ongoing email alerts.

What is the value of myAVM?

Get more of your own seller leads by providing accurate, reliable property valuation information in a professional website, printed report, and ongoing weekly emails.

Can I just build my own AVM using ATTOM APIs?

Absolutely.  You can go to our Developer Platform and develop your own AVM.  This product is meant to save you the time and hassle of developing your own AVM.  It’s backed by reliable data and it’s ready to start generating seller leads for your business today.

Why are there so many ways to display myAVM?

You have options with this product.  Use the AVM in the way that works the best for your business. Looking to capture more seller leads digitally?   It works on your website or drives traffic directly to the landing page.  Looking to build credibility with new clients?  Print or email reports to prospects.

Regardless of the size or complexity of your marketing efforts, this will work with what you’re doing today to capture more valuable leads for your agents.  Choose the method that works best or integrate all three!  It’s completely up to you.

What kind of leads does this tool target?

Seller leads are more valuable for your agents.  This is a tool designed specifically for this segment.

What are the ongoing email alerts?

The email alerts enable you to automatically stay in contact with these valuable leads with a drip campaign that notifies them when a home’s value changes.  The emails come directly from your agents, helping build the credibility of your team and your brand, and increasing the likelihood of conversion.  It takes months on average for a home seller to go from research to actually taking action.  This tool makes sure you stay top of mind during this decision-making period.

Does this work on mobile? Tablets?

myAVM is responsive.  It looks good no matter what device it’s being viewed on.

Start Generating Quality Seller Leads Today!

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