Property data is innovating in ways that some may not be familiar with. Recently, ATTOM Data Solutions began providing school district and school attendance boundary information for geo-spatial analytics, to CARTO, the world’s leading Location Intelligence platform.

CARTO enables organizations to use spatial data and analysis for more efficient delivery routes, better behavioral marketing, strategic store placements, and much more.

Headquartered in New York City with offices in Madrid, Seville, and Washington DC, CARTO has a team of 150 employees, a portfolio of 1,200 customers including Vodafone, Mastercard, BCG, New York City, and Google, and more than 350,000 users around the globe.

According to Alejandra Aranzadi Elejabeitia, CARTO’s Data Partnership Manager, CARTO will include ATTOM Data Solutions in their “Data Observatory”, a spatial data platform giving Data Scientists & Analysts access to this and other datasets listed in the spatial data catalog.

CARTO customers will be able to license ATTOM’s datasets for school districts and attendance zones in the US as premium data layers.

ATTOM’s School Attendance Data covers approximately 95% of the US. The layers offer boundaries for every grade level served by each public school. This enables home buyers to see the schools their children would attend. Research shows that school attendance zones are a major factor that home shoppers consider when purchasing a home.

“Our school attendance data is published at very granular levels, including grade layers, to provide some of the most accurate modeling of school boundaries,” said Todd Teta, chief product and technology officer. “Many other companies only offer generalized boundary data for elementary, middle or high schools, which is not as accurate when you consider all the various configurations that exist for different grades levels in schools today.”

ATTOM’s researchers gather that data from school district and school websites, school board documents, city and county records, student/parent handbooks, input from school administrators and other sources.

“ATTOM’s data is extremely detailed and very well documented,” said Ms. Aranzadi, “SaaS (Software as a Service applications) are provided for each individual grade, and there is a lot of detailed information about each school and school district.”

The school district and attendance boundary data from ATTOM is available in a number of geospatial formats, including Shapefile and GeoJSON. It can be delivered in bulk data licensing or accessed via an property data API (Application Programming Interface). The data can be licensed nationwide or by state and county.

About CARTO:

From smartphones to connected cars, location data is changing the way we live and the way we run businesses. Everything happens somewhere, but visualizing data to see where things are isn’t the same as understanding why they happen there. Data Scientists, Developers and Analysts use CARTO to optimize business processes, and predict future outcomes through the power of Spatial Data Science.

About ATTOM Data Solutions

ATTOM Data Solutions provides premium property data to power products that improve transparency, innovation, efficiency and disruption in a data-driven economy. ATTOM multi-sources property tax, deed, mortgage, foreclosure, environmental risk, natural hazard, and neighborhood data for more than 155 million U.S. residential and commercial properties covering 99 percent of the nation’s population. A rigorous data management process involving more than 20 steps validates, standardizes and enhances the data collected by ATTOM, assigning each property record with a persistent, unique ID — the ATTOM ID. The 9TB ATTOM Data Warehouse fuels innovation in many industries including mortgage, real estate, insurance, marketing, government and more through flexible data delivery solutions that include bulk file licensesproperty data APIsreal estate market trendsmarketing listsmatch & append and introducing the first property data delivery solution, a cloud-based data platform that streamlines data management – Data-as-a-Service (DaaS).

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