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Whether you’re a home security provider or home servicer, finding prospects can be hard. But real estate data can help. Whether it’s getting an understanding of the latest home improvement trends or refining your marketing segments with real-time demographic data — real estate data can go a long way in helping you tap into a steadier stream of new prospects for your home improvements business.

You can use real estate data to find information on local neighborhoods and properties — including data on local families and home improvement trends. This can be ideal for helping you find new prospects for your home improvement business. In this post, we explore how you can use real estate data to find new prospects and hone your marketing as a home improvements provider.

Use ATTOM’s Demographic Data to Refine your Marketing Segments

When it comes to great marketing in the home improvements industry, segmentation is everything. Segmentation involves categorizing your prospects and customers and using definitive personal characteristics to better target and personalize your marketing and outreach.

You can use demographic data and parcel boundary data to help build out and refine your segments for more targeted prospecting.

Here are some audience characteristics to consider:

  1. Income — what kind of home improvement services can your prospects afford?
  2. Location — prospects may live near flood zones or in areas where eco-friendly home improvements are valued more highly. For example, California, Texas, and Florida are the states with the most homes powered by solar energy. You can use real estate data like parcel boundary data to uncover this information.
  3. Demographic factors — such as median age for a particular location. This data can give you insights into the kinds of renovations that prospects might be most interested in, or which age groups are most interested in home renovations. The latest research shows that homeowners over age 55 currently undertake 50% of all home improvement work.
  4. Household information — including total number of people living in a home or whether they’re a family.

You can use ATTOM’s demographic data and boundaries to compile these insights and build out your segments. This can help you better target specific audiences with your services, potentially improving the results you see from prospecting.

How you Can Use Property Data to Enrich your Prospect Segments and Find Prospects

Real estate data can go a long way in enriching your prospect segments — helping you refine your targeting even more than if you just used demographic and boundary data alone. For example, you can use real estate data to:

  1. See what work people have had done — property characteristics data can give you information on internal and external property features
  2. Track property renovation trends — such as whether or not homeowners are investing in new HVAC systems
  3. Find property ownership data including homeowner’s names and mailing addresses for direct outreach. You can also use it to help build out your marketing campaigns by accessing homeowner details for outreach.

With ATTOM, you can find data a vast range of data — including detailed information on local neighbourhoods and properties in your target market. With this exhaustive data, you can find up-to-date information on homeowners and prospective prospects and refine your targeting based on their needs.

How to Use ATTOM’s Building Permit Data to Find Potential Prospects

With ATTOM’s real estate data, you can get a look into local properties and the work they’ve had done. For example, if you provide home renovations, you can use building permit data to find out which homes in a local area are currently having work done or have had work done in the past.

You can use building permit data to get insights into classifications of permit types (such as roofing), a permit’s status (for example, if the work is historic or still being completed), what the work involved, and how much homeowners spent on the work. In addition, you can also get information on who completed the work.

You can use this data to get insights into prospective budgets for home improvements and whether they might be interested in having similar work done in the future or on other areas of their home.

Why Choose ATTOM’s Real Estate Data as a Home Improvements Provider?

Why chose ATTOM’s real estate data to help you find new prospects for your home improvement business? If you’ve not used us before, there are several reasons why hundreds of home improvement companies come to ATTOM for real estate data.

Our real estate and property data is one of the most comprehensive sources on the market. We offer both real time and historic information on the property market. We provide information on more than 155 million U.S. residential and commercial properties around the nation. Our comprehensive data includes foreclosure data, property data with both external and internal characteristics, property owner data, neighborhood data, building permit data, and valuation data. Our data is exhaustive — covering 99% of the U.S. population. With ATTOM, you can get access to over 200 million building permits from over 2,000 building departments throughout the U.S.

In addition, our data is run through a rigorous 20-step data management process in which our data is validated, standardized and enhanced. You can also have our data delivered in a number of ways, such as through the ATTOM cloud, our real estate API, and property and real estate market reports.

Finding New Prospects with Real Estate Data as a Home Improvement Company

Identifying new prospects for your home improvements company can be tricky, but you can use real estate data to help refine your marketing segments and improve your prospect targeting. Hundreds of home improvement companies come to ATTOM for real estate data on prospects and local market trends. With ATTOM, you can access real estate insights on over 99% of the U.S. population — gaining in-depth insights into your prospects and markets.

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