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Use of Real Estate & Property Data for Legal Professionals

Legal professionals get involved in real estate deals for all kinds of reasons – contract disputes, divorces, deaths, easement issues …. Even a seemingly simple house sale and closure might turn into bitter fight over who has the right to do what with a property.

When attorneys or other legal professionals do need to get involved, they need the most accurate and up-to-date information at their fingertips. And ATTOM Data Solutions is where they find it.

Real Estate Data for Legal Professionals

Wherever there’s a legal dispute over property, attorneys know what they’re up against – estates that end up in probate for lack of planning; claims over boundary lines; acrimony over ownership of a property that former partners both now claim ownership to.

And of course, as a legal professional called in to settle the dispute, you don’t know the specifics until you get your hands on the right data.

ATTOM warehouses comprehensive, highly vetted data on more than 155 million U.S. properties. Ours is a 20-step Data Management Process that validates, standardizes, and enhances real estate data to ensure that it really is the right data you’re looking for. And we ensure that you know how to get to exactly the kind of information you need.

Assessor Data

ATTOM’s multi-sourced assessor data serves a full menu of detailed property data, culled from tax assessors from more than 3,000 U.S. counties. Whatever you need, ATTOM has the data, which can be collated into specialized reports at various levels of geography. For a detailed local property tax analysis, click here.


Speaking of valuation, ATTOM offers the most comprehensive real estate valuations on the market. With a selection of robust datasets that possess the strongest data continuity across various delivery platforms. ATTOM provides statistical calculation model to estimate the current value of a property, equity estimates, loan balances, and estimated sales prices so legal professionals can best determine how much a property is truly worth.

Foreclosure Data

ATTOM has historical and current foreclosure data on all the stages of the foreclosure process. That includes pre-foreclosure notices (NODs and LIS), public foreclosure auctions (NTS and NFS), and Bank Owned (REOs) properties. It also includes recording dates and damage records for disputes that involve distressed properties.

Let ATTOM Help You Use Data Better

Locating the right documents is only the beginning. Legal professionals need the most accurate documents, but even seasoned attorneys sometimes need help with what they’re looking for or looking at.

ATTOM Data Solutions makes searching for due diligence documents both easy and comprehensive. But when you need a hand, we’re there. ATTOM offers unparalleled customer service, whether it’s to help point you or your team in the right direction or help you a rock-solid legal argument with detailed data.

Visit us at or give us a call at 800-462-5125 and let ATTOM help you find the best solution for you and your clients.

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