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Historical Property Tax Records

ATTOM’s annual property tax report collects property tax data directly from the county tax assessor offices nationwide at the state, metro and county levels. From there ATTOM combines its comprehensive estimated market value data of single-family homes, which is calculated using ATTOM’s automated valuation model (AVM). Then the effective property tax rate is assessed, which is the average annual property tax expressed as a percentage of the average estimated market value of a single-family home in each geographic area.

ATTOM’s Property Tax Report Analysis Highlights

  • Various Geography Levels Available – State, Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), and County Level Data
  • Tax Rate Ranking at the State level
  • Total amount of property taxes broken down for each geography level
  • Average Estimated Value of Single-Family Homes 
  • An annual only historical comparison going back to 2016

A Detailed Property Tax Assessment

ATTOM’s tax assessment report not only adds layers of data to help better understand the market, but it goes back historically at various geography levels to help current and future homeowners comprehend the true cost of their home. Property taxes levied on homeowners have been on the rise, so due diligence is key for insight into the housing market, let ATTOM be your key.

Effective Tax Rate by State in 2018

Top 10 Property Tax by County in 2018

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