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As a real estate agent or broker, you’ll know there are several appealing property characteristics that factor into buyers’ property purchase decisions. From large square footage to additional bedrooms and surrounding areas, property characteristics and neighborhood data is essential to any real estate portal.

ATTOM gives you access to detailed, up-to-date property data — including details on home ownership, estimated property market values, exterior and interior property characteristics.

Many real estate brokers and agents use ATTOM’s comparable sales, neighborhood, and property characteristics data to supplement the other datasets.

But to stand out from other providers, you can look to supplement this information with additional neighborhood data. In this post, we’ll explore several additional forms of neighborhood data you can use to enhance the information you share on your real estate portal, help drive more traffic to your site, and increase engagement. Let’s take a look.

Power your Real Estate Portal with Up-to-Date Data on Local Schools

If you haven’t already done so, consider enriching your current content with up-to-date data on local schools. Why add school data to your real estate portal? School data is highly valuable to prospective homebuyers and can drive a ton of traffic to your website.

Many prospective buyers with children will consider how good the local schools are before they begin to consider other factors — such as proximity to other amenities, green spaces, or their most-desired property characteristics.

As the National Association of Realtors notes, 53% of buyers with children under the age of 18 years reported that the quality of local school districts was a key consideration in their home purchasing decisions.

Our school attendance areas data offers a nationwide layer of boundaries that highlight the geographic areas associated each regular public school — giving buyers insights into local school attendance zones for each property.

Inform Potential Buyers About Noise Levels from Local Transport

From idyllic peaceful neighborhoods to an apartment that allows owners to enjoy the buzz of the city — every perspective buyer has their own ideal sense of ‘acceptable levels’ of noise. Despite different tolerance levels, more and more people are becoming aware of the health impacts of too much noise pollution. Noise pollution has been found to spike stress levels, negatively impact sleep, and raise blood pressure.

Use ATTOM’s transportation noise data to provide buyers with information on local noise levels for target properties. ATTOM’s noise data offers a summary of a location’s noise environment and individual noise scores (from 0-3) for: roads and highways, railroads, and crossings —including heavy rail, the metro, and light rail, airports, hospitals, and fire stations.

Help Interested Buyers Get to Know Their Prospective Local Neighborhood

Location, location, location. While a property can be redecorated and renovated, location can’t be changed — making it one of the most desirable factors of a new property purchase. Easy commutes to work, the best local restaurants and bars, and easy access to green spaces — local amenities and transport links can build demand for a particular property.

Use our transit routes data to build out your current content with information on public transportation routes — including routes for commuter rail, car, and light rail. You can also add on local points of interest data — including local banks, eateries, bars, health care services, retail, and attractions.

Enrich your Real Estate Portal with ATTOM’s Neighborhood Data

To help stay competitive, it can be helpful to offer a wealth of information to prospective buyers on local properties. As one of the most robust and exhaustive offerings on the market, our data covers more than 155 million properties around the USA. Utilizing ATTOM’s turn-key application, Neighborhood Navigator you can set yourself apart from the competition and update your real estate portal with ATTOM’s extensive, up-to-date neighborhood data will help boost your SEO rankings and help you draw more interest from perspective buyers.

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