Whether you’re an insurer, marketer or investor, building permit data reveals a property’s unique story, allowing for enhanced predictive analytics and decision-making.

Building permits is the latest dataset added to ATTOM Data Solutions’ arsenal of property data. In this webinar, ATTOM’s VP of Product Management, Sean Mooney, and Product Manager, Stephen Meeks, discuss how users in various industries can utilize building permit data to gain critical insight into the life of a property, both residential and commercial.

Click here to listen to this informative webinar presented by industry experts featuring permit data as an invaluable tool in helping you understand the history of permitted work that’s been done – or not done – on a given property.

In this webinar, you’ll benefit from a granular view of the details surrounding our building permit data, including information on where it comes from, what kind of data is included in our final product output, and various uses for different industries.

Key Points Include:

  • The purpose of the permitting process
  • Advantages of coupling permit data with other available property data attributes
  • How permit data contributes to the valuation of a property
  • How permit data is associated with home sales
  • How various industries are using permit data, from risk assessment to increasing transparency


ATTOM Data Solutions is your one-stop shop for premium property data with flexible delivery solutions. Our mission is to power real estate transparency and to fuel innovation across various industries with the most comprehensive property data.

At ATTOM, we’ve built a multi-sourced national data warehouse that blends property tax, deed, mortgage, foreclosure, environmental risk, natural hazard, and neighborhood data for more than 155 million U.S. residential and commercial properties, which covers 99 percent of the U.S. population, with more than 29.6 billion rows of transactional-level data and more than 7,200 data attributes. We power real estate transparency for innovators in many industries including real estate, mortgage, insurance, technology, finance, marketing, government and more.

The ATTOM Table of Data Elements, presenting the different data sets we offer, is organized into four main categories:

  • Property & Owner – This data category tracks information about individual properties and provides many of our customers with the core data assets they’re using to power their businesses. Building permits is the latest data set we’ve added to this category.
  • Neighborhood – While our property data can tell you a lot about a home and its history, our neighborhood data sets are going to provide detailed information about the area where a property is located.
  • Boundaries – Boundaries are the spatially oriented data that defines an area on a piece of land. The three types of boundaries data we offer include parcel boundaries, school boundaries and neighborhood boundaries.
  • Analytics and Derived Data – This category features any data solution that we are deriving from other data sets. Our most commonly used product within this category for is our ATTOM AVM, which is our own lender-grade AVM that provides a home valuation for properties nationwide.


Our data can be delivered in a variety of ways, including hybrid options. We are flexible in how we work with our customers, and many of our customers utilize more than one of these solutions to meet their various business needs:

  • Bulk Data License – Many customers license data from us, and since these data sets tend to be very large, we offer two delivery methods for a bulk data license: Flat-file delivery, our traditional method, where we deliver the data to you in files via a secure ftp; and DaaS (Data as a Service), our latest innovation for bulk data delivery, where we make our data available to customers in a cloud environment.
  • APIs – Which allows you to access our data and make it available in your applications in real time. We see a lot of innovative use of APIs in pre-filling forms and pre-qualification applications.
  • ATTOM List – This is our self-service platform that allows customers to create mailing lists specific to their business needs.
  • Market Trend Reports – Pre-configured and custom real estate market trend reports that are delivered to clients via a flat file.
  • Match & Append – A method that allows us to enrich a customer’s data with our own.


Are you ready to jump right in and begin to understand building permit data and how your business can benefit from using this data?

Click here to hear the entire webinar.

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