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ATTOM Data Solutions, a forerunner in the Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) business, continues to invest in the people and technology required to provide their customers with the data and analysis they need in a transformative time. Eric Ring, ATTOM’s new vice president of technology, joined the company in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis and brought with him more than 30 years of experience in technology in the real estate and mortgage businesses.

“It was pretty crazy to wind down one job and start another when everyone pivoted to working at home,” said Ring. “But it was also a testament to how well technology can work. I was able to learn quickly about every initiative at ATTOM through video conferencing.”

Ring was drawn to ATTOM in part for the chance to work with CEO Rob Barber, who recently won the “Maverick of the Year” award from the American Business Awards.

“Rob is truly an inspirational leader; he’s doing a great job growing this business and that was well deserved.”

ATTOM Data Solutions was recognized for the third year in a row as one of Housing Wire’s Tech 100 list of the top companies in real estate and mortgage technology.

“It’s great to be part of the ‘Who’s Who’ list of real estate technology,” said Ring.

Forward-looking focus for ATTOM

While Ring’s focus during his first few weeks was on enhancing cybersecurity and disaster recovery, he quickly became immersed in the data applications side working on delivery strategies and enhanced offerings.

“The most exciting project for me is the evolution of our DaaS offering to make the data more accessible and to expand and explore ways it can be used by our customers,” said Ring. “We’ll be providing more visualizations and feedback loops to provide insight as to how the data can be used better for the variety of customers we serve.”

Watching the way our current customers use ATTOM’s data has two benefits. First, we can understand how the data is being used right now. Second, we can use that understanding to help existing customers get more value from their investment.

We also plan to provide potential new customers easier access to sample data. Once we understand how customers use that data, we can better support the presale cycle.

“We plan to provide an interactive experience that customers can integrate with their own data,” said Ring. “We’re also continuing to invest in APIs [application program interfaces] for our data on demand which will make it easier for customers to drill down to the data they really need rather than consume the data in bulk. This speeds up the time for them and reduces the support burden on ATTOM. It also speeds our customers’ development cycles if they choose to build their applications directly on our APIs.”

Investing in the Future

In addition to internal investments in technology and programs, ATTOM anticipates growing its business. While Ring can’t provide details yet, he anticipates closing on at least one and likely more acquisitions in 2020 and 2021 that will enhance ATTOM’s data both in terms of quality and coverage.

“The pandemic sped up the natural cycle for adopting new technology and is increasing the pace of acceptance for things like digital mortgages” said Ring. “Everyone is becoming more dependent on technology. We’re a small enough company that we can be nimble and adapt to changes in the real estate market and react to market and technology changes.”

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