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The Benefits of Big Data and Government Marketing with ATTOM

We’re a small government agency focused on marketing at the local level. Through our marketing initiatives, we seek to fulfill several key objectives, including expanding the reach of our political campaigns, informing constituents on policy, and effectively targeting and engaging potential employees. In recent years, we’ve unearthed the benefits of pairing big data and government marketing to help us achieve these ends by partnering with ATTOM.

In this piece, we highlight how we use ATTOM’s extensive parcel boundaries, demographic, and neighborhood data to fulfill our marketing aims successfully.

Reaching the Right Markets with ATTOM’s Demographic and Neighborhood Data

We use ATTOM’s extensive parcel boundaries, demographic, and neighborhood data to develop deeper insights into our constituents in order to better engage with them and effectively target them in our marketing outreach.

Marketing to specific demographics has been key in meeting our marketing objectives over the last several years. We utilize use ATTOM’s comprehensive data sets to create targeted marketing lists based on specific characteristics – such as median household income, age, ethnicity, and vocation.

At the granular level, ATTOM’s boundaries data provides us with insights into where our constituents and voters work, go to school, and spend their leisure time. We use this information to divide our target audience into curated segments, for which we base our personalized marketing outreach that addresses the independent needs and interests of these demographics. For example, we previously used this data to provide information on local school performances and data on homeowners with children of school age and use this data to mail out information on our education initiatives and policy rollouts.

How ATTOM Helps Us Find Our Future Government Employees

In addition, we always use ATTOM’s demographic data to draw up lists that target potential employees: focusing on prospects with college educations and previous experiences in similar roles. These marketing lists have been invaluable in helping us source and develop relationships with talented prospects, while also maximizing our ROI – enabling us to find the right people for the role with a smaller, more cost-effective campaign.

A Look at ATTOM’s Reach and How it Benefits Us

ATTOM’s neighborhood data provides information for the entire U.S., including over 502 metros, 328,356 residential subdivisions, and 40,878 neighborhood boundaries. The data delivered to us contains information on local schools, communities, households, hazard risks (including drug labs, toxic sites, and natural disasters), points of interest, and more.

ATTOM’s property data is highly extensive, offering us information on more than 155 million U.S. properties and 99% of the population. As a government agency, we rely on the accuracy of ATTOM’s data to guide our marketing drives. We are reassured by ATTOM’s rigorous Enterprise Data Management Program (EDMP) through which their real estate data is validated, standardized, and enhanced.

Big Data and Government Marketing: An Unlikely Match with Impressive Results

Despite its importance for analytical endeavors within the sector, big data in the government industry is seldom applied to the realm of marketing. While we have been slow to use data to its full potential within our government agency, ATTOM has proven to be a fundamental asset in helping us achieve our marketing objectives.

As one of the leading data vendors on the market, we depend on ATTOM’s accurate and comprehensive real estate property data to fulfil our marketing aims. Thanks to the detailed data-based insights that ATTOM gives us into the worlds of our local constituents, we’ve been able to target our constituents and prospective employees more effectively.

To find out more about how ATTOM’s data solutions can do the same for your government agency, contact a member of the team here.

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