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As the owners of a rental site, we are always looking for new ways to drive traffic and improve the user experience for our site visitors. We partnered with ATTOM to provide us with exhaustive neighborhood and property data to help us improve our organic ranking, enhance the user experience, and improve the comprehensiveness of the data on our site.

Below, we explore how ATTOM’s property data has helped us accomplish each of these ambitions.

Generating More Traffic to Our Rental Site with ATTOM

With ATTOM’s extensive neighborhood and property database, our team is able to increase traffic to our rental website. ATTOM seamlessly integrates their data with our site – allowing the search engines to display more of our content in the rankings.

In addition, as the property and neighborhood data we offer is so far reaching, our bounce rates are also reduced – as visitors don’t need to look up neighborhood data on other webpages. This is great for our SEO. The extensive data ATTOM provides us with also allows us to generate more traffic from repeat site visitors, as users continue to turn to us to find out information on new rental properties and neighborhoods.

Winning Over Leads with Comprehensive Property and Neighborhood Data

As the rental market is so competitive, with several new rental property websites hitting the market every year, offering comprehensive data that enhances the rental property data search is one of the main ways we ensure our competitive edge.

Making sure our site users have all the data they need guarantees they continue to rely on us in the long-term to find reliable information about prospective rental properties and their surrounding neighborhoods.

ATTOM provide us with comprehensive, real-time data on rental properties and neighborhoods – ensuring our leads don’t need to turn to our competitors to find the information they need.

While our competitors rely on property listings and basic neighborhood data to attract new leads, we provide comprehensive, granular details on each location – helping visitors gain insights into the liveability of each neighborhood. ATTOM provides us with detailed neighborhood data that enhances each listing, including information on:

  • Local schools – including school boundaries and ratings
  • Crime rates – offering detailed information on both violent crimes and property-related crimes
  • Amenities – such as coffee bars, health facilities, retail stores, and restaurants
  • Demographics – is the neighborhood best for middle-aged parents’ vs young professionals?

Enhancing Our Rental Listing Website with ATTOM

ATTOM’s neighborhood and property data has helped us drive new and repeat traffic to our rental site. With ATTOM’s real time, extensive data on rental properties and local neighborhoods, our site visitors can access enhanced data on their prospective new homes and neighborhoods – ensuring repeat visitors to our site.

Want to learn more about how ATTOM’s property and neighborhood data can be used to enhance rental sites? Contact us here.

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