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How ATTOM’s Community and Demographic Data Has Increased Conversions for a Leading Brokerage

As a real estate brokerage, one of our key focuses is converting leads into business using landing pages that showcase our property listings. However, in the current market, prospective home buyers are overwhelmed with choices from different real estate agents and brokerages. As such, we are always looking for ways to help differentiate our listings from our competition.

We recently partnered with ATTOM, and have utilized ATTOM’s neighborhood and demographic data to help enhance our property listings and improve our conversion rates. In this post, we highlight exactly how ATTOM’s community and demographic data has been an asset in helping us achieve this.

How We Convert More Prospects with ATTOM’s Demographic Data

ATTOM’s community and demographic data has helped us to humanize our property listings and provide our prospects with deeper insights into what life may be like to live in a particular property. We’ve used ATTOM’s property data to enrich our property listings and target key demographics based on their interests.

For example, since adding ATTOM’s comprehensive community data to our property listing landing pages we have seen a marked increase in interest from millennials looking to buy property. The demographic data on our landing pages help millennials envision setting roots in an area that serves their interests. Data on nightlife, shopping, restaurants, and the local employment rates has been key in helping us to target this market.

In addition, many prospective property buyers with children of school age have informed us that they have found the school data on our landing pages particularly helpful in helping them decide on whether or not to view a particular property listed by us. We currently feature ATTOM’s school data on both private and public schools (K-12) schools on our landing pages, including school ratings, class statistics, enrolment, grade span, teaching staff, and test score rating,

Not only that, but ATTOM’s demographic data has also been an excellent asset in helping us to pre-qualify our leads. Since using ATTOM’s real estate market data, we have noticed a far higher number of high-quality leads making contact with us, showing a keen interest in one of our properties.

Finding the Right Data Solution for Our Busy Brokerage

ATTOM’s comprehensive real estate market research offered us the comprehensive data we needed. ATTOM covers more than 155 million U.S. properties and over 99% of the population. As such, we could find the data we needed to develop detailed listings for every single property in our portfolio.

We currently receive our data via ATTOM’s bulk data licensing solution. As a busy brokerage, focused on working directly with our leads and clients, we have little time to manually download and sift through data. ATTOM’s bulk data solution enables us to download the information we need directly to our servers.

Growing Our Brokerage with ATTOM

In a highly-competitive market, our real estate brokerage is always looking for new ways to draw in prospects and convert leads into new clients. ATTOM’s demographic data enables us to target each key market successfully and has substantially increased the number of conversions we see every month.

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