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Loan Positioning for Real Estate

Terms. Loans. Transactions.

Making Sense of Today’s Lending Standards

ATTOM scours public records and digital sources to collate and deliver comprehensive mortgage and loan positions data. If lending services have an influence on your business, you need detailed analytics to elucidate the ever-expanding options.

Our data encompasses conventional, unconventional, jumbo, government-insured, fixed-rate, and adjustable-rate mortgage data critical for those seeking insight into lending trends. Understand the loan transaction market and better serve the industry.

Deconstruct Terms, Position Loans

Real estate lending is an increasingly complex one. Traditional mortgage lending has been disrupted. There are more players in the market from emerging digital lenders to traditional banks. Here are just some of the loan positions ATTOM offers so that you are better informed:

  • Lien Positions
  • Estimated Amortized Loan Balance
  • Estimated Lendable Equity

How Can You Use ATTOM’s Loan Positioning Data?

Distressed Property Owners

Mortgage Origination

Accurately assess risk when underwriting loans. Understand mortgage options, counsel on credit and budget, develop roadmap and process for mortgage approval.
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Financial Services

Property Data Platforms

Develop predictive analytics so that your services are relevant to today’s investors. A firm grasp of the lending landscape and its data will power your business.
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Financial Services


Insurance companies can monitor trends and better manage their risks.
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Financial Services


Develop marketing materials based on the current market data.
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New Borrowers

Real Estate Portals

Provide higher quality service to clients who seek the best loans for their needs.
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New Borrowers


Governments use loan positioning data to report on the macro real estate market.
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