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Orlando Has Prime Neighborhoods for Rental Investors

Florida is known for its sandy beaches and warm weather year-round, not to mention golf and Disney World. All these neighborhood data factors make it a focal point for property investors.


Five popular neighborhoods for investors interested in the Orlando area are Lake Nona, Kissimmee, Oviedo, Orlando, and Winter Park. All five are attractive areas because there is plenty of employment nearby, amenities, and residential areas with new homes. Rentals are also hot in Orlando, with some estimates stating rental revenues as high as those in San Francisco.

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Orlando FL Neighborhood Data
Winter Park is an area of quintessential “old money.” The neighborhood has bistros, shops, and robust projected job growth. Population density in Winter Park is 845 percent higher than the rest of Florida.
Oviedo is located on the east side of town near the University of Central Florida. Other local employers are NES Global and Siemens. Lake Nona is known for its numerous medical centers and hospitals that have sprung up in recent years. Lake Nona is an attractive area with two neighborhoods, one with higher-priced homes and one with lower-priced homes. It is a popular area for commuters to Orlando, which is one reason it is so appealing to rental property investors.

Kissimmee is similar to Lake Nona and has some lower-priced homes with lower property taxes.

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Crime Rates

Orlando’s neighborhood data shows overall that is has a high crime rate. It is considered safer than only three percent of other U.S. cities. Crime statistics vary by neighborhood.

The value of a home reflects its location. Crime, weather, unemployment rates, transportation, and access routes all factor into a property’s valuation.

ATTOM’s Neighborhood Data Down to the Zip Level

ATTOM’s neighborhood data at the city and zip code levels allow real estate professionals to find attractive areas for prospective buyers or investors. Marketers can precisely target their efforts with a better understanding of communities and their demographics.

Search neighborhood data according to specific points of interest, such as the quality of schools or crime statistics.

ATTOM’s neighborhood data for Orlando, FL, includes weather, demographics on employment rates, income, cost of living, and rents. Data also cover crime, transportation, and transportation noise, so that investors can pinpoint hot areas for investment.

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