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Powering the Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry has traditionally been a late adopter of tools and technologies, but competitive real estate agents see the value of data in a connected world. ATTOM is powering the real estate industry in the digital age by providing solutions to real estate agents to sell properties faster.

The property landscape is dotted with technology startups anxious to service real estate companies, but their value proposition varies. ATTOM’s data and technology simplify the discovery and research that real estate agents must do. Everything agents need, from professionally designed and tailored property reports to in-depth analytics, is a few clicks away from just one provider.

ATTOM’s Advantage for Real Estate Agents

ATTOM gives agents the effective tools they need to succeed in a competitive real estate market. From unique property reports to sophisticated website building, ATTOM is the market leader in real estate solutions.

Property Reports

Property Reports

Property Reports power real estate research based on location, characteristics, ownership, financing, and sales. This tool delivers instant reports based on comprehensive, filtered data for nationwide or single properties for comparable property searches and sales comps. Comparative market analysis facilitates credible valuations that will move inventory and ease transactions.

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Marketing Lists

Real estate agents use ATTOM marketing lists to discover high-value prospects and find the leads that convert to sales. These lists are updated daily and compiled from numerous public record sources, including county assessors and recorders. Agents can target new homeowners, new borrowers, distressed property owners, multiple property owners, and investors.

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Turnkey Real Estate Websites

ATTOM helps real estate agents to build their brand and make a great first impression with a polished, functional, and informative real estate website, boasting key features users want to see. With our easy-to-use WordPress website solution, agents can provide access to search MLS listings, school information, and recent sales, and can personalize their content with blog posts, images, and videos.

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WordPress Real Estate Plugins

Real Estate WordPress Plugins

ATTOM’s Responsive Real Estate WordPress IDX plugin allows real estate agents to add listings to any page of their WordPress website by simply dropping in a shortcode. Agents can filter and display open houses, featured listings, and geographic areas (school districts, neighborhoods, or subdivisions). There are numerous filtering options to present a rich, interactive website that invites traffic and converts it into leads.

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Real Estate Market Trends

Real Estate Market Trends

ATTOM’s real estate market trends data provides real estate agents with customized reports for their business needs. The range of analytics includes foreclosure reports, vacant properties, home equity reports, home flipping reports, housing affordability indexes, property taxes, and more.

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Real Estate Market Trends

IDX Solutions

ATTOM’s Internet Data Exchange (IDX) solutions are mobile-enabled, versatile property search tools that agents can customize to best showcase property listings on their website. ATTOM has three solutions, Responsive IDX for WordPress, SpatialMatch IDX, and Slipstream MLS API. Agents can add features and capabilities to these tools, such as mapped search results, open house details, and school zone information.

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How Real Estate Agents Use ATTOM

Real estate agent solutions

Today’s real estate agents use the latest marketing and technology tools to stay competitive, find leads, and close deals. Lot size, price, area population growth, nearby schools, and market trends have long-been popular data points for real estate agents, but ATTOM’s tools go beyond that by including data points previously unassessed.

Now, non-traditional data like noise pollution, climate risk, hazard risk, crime rates, foreclosure data, and more are incorporated into property reports for more accurate valuations and market assessments.

Pricing houses in the past often came down to a combination of the agent’s local knowledge, expertise, and conventional data. Now, all of those factors can be combined with non-traditional real estate data, predictive analytics, and AI to take agents to the forefront of a revolutionized real estate market.

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