ATTOM Marketing Lists for Builders and Developers

Organized data is targeted data

More Leads. More Projects.

Developers and builders are as keen to bid on property as other buyers and investors, but to do so they need marketing lists for lead generation. ATTOM List reveals opportunities that your competitors may miss. It is a tool that can identify both lucrative opportunities and risky propositions.

Grow Your Footprint with ATTOM List

ATTOM List’s data footprint spans over 155 million properties covering 99% of the U.S. population. Developers can target arbitrage, find underutilized sites, or identify sites for affordable housing. Whatever your approach, power your marketing to reach and strengthen your communities and help build local businesses.

Find your leads, and your strengths, with ATTOM data.

What ATTOM Marketing List Means for the Real Estate Developer

Finding the right development proposition is easier with better data. ATTOM List can help you narrow down opportunities to limit your exposure to risk while maximizing ROI and creating powerful marketing lists for builder and real estate developers. Curate your own lists to target the leads that make sense.

Form a unique marketing strategy using relevant property characteristics

Target vacant landowners.

Identify off-market leads.

Spot trends that raise red flags.

ATTOM List gives you the flexibility to curate your own unique marketing lists giving you a competitive edge

What Will You Build With ATTOM?