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Property Reports for Real Estate Appraisers

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Data-Driven Real Estate Products

Are you combing through online real estate listings and manually pulling property data from multiple sites? Are you basing valuations on comparables found in traditional listings? If you are, your appraisal could be less accurate than you think.

Property Navigator property reports is a tool that includes both commercial and residential property data with 300 points of information on 150 million+ residential and commercial properties. ATTOM’s database includes sales not found in traditional property listings. What’s more, Property Navigator is able to bring all this data together to create one, easy-to-read property report in just a few clicks.

This solution is tailored to real estate appraisers’ needs and helps streamline the valuation process.

Take Your Property Reports to a New Level

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Use robust property reports to get ahead of the curve. Some of our clients have been using our solution every day for over 10 years. Here’s why:

  • All of the data you need for your appraisals comes from one source.
  • You create property reports instantly, wherever you are, using your smartphone, tablet, or office desktop.
  • You find every real estate sales comp, even those not listed in traditional property databases.
  • You tap into a system designed for appraisers, not real estate agents or brokers.

Discover your competitive edge with Property Navigator​.

How Real Estate Appraisers Utilize Property Reports

Property Navigator is an optimizing tool for real estate appraisers that offers a better product from better data.


Create Detailed Reports

A typical Property Navigator property report includes photographs, ownership data, legal description, current taxes and assessments, census tract, occupancy, lot/building details, land use, zoning, flood zone, sales/financing, listing and foreclosures, and many more characteristics.


Deliver the Best Product to Clients

Property reports pull data from over 300 points of information on 150 million+ residential and commercial properties, as well as the most robust real estate comparables on the market.

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Get Fast, Accurate Reports

Property Navigator property reports are data-driven and delivered in just a few clicks.

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Save Time

Property Navigator has a flexible and responsive API development team that can help automate the data side of your appraisal process. You’ll save hours on every appraisal.

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