In the mortgage industry timely, analytics-ready property data can play a vital role to keep businesses in the mortgage industry at the forefront. Therefore, ATTOM Data Solutions wanted to showcase the robust property data sets that are available and how you can harness our property data to gain that competitive advantage.

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ATTOM’s Jennifer von Pohlmann (Director of Content & PR), Sean Mooney (VP, Product Management), and Stephen Meeks (Product Manager) show viewers how to capture the power of property data and use it to provide timely mortgage industry information that they need for their teams and businesses.

ATTOM provides premium property data that creates transparency in the mortgage industry.

You’ll hear details like:

  • Learn why professionals trust ATTOM by learning more about our company.
  • What data solutions can be created and utilized.
  • How mortgage experts are leveraging property data to improve their businesses.

ATTOM Data Solutions is an aggregator of national property data containing tax, deed, mortgage, foreclosure, property characteristics and other details for more than 155 million properties in the United States. ATTOM provides business professionals with as-needed on-demand data creating statistical advantages for industry experts.

In this webinar you’ll learn details such as how ATTOM has come to strongly impact the mortgage industry in these four ways:

  • Customer Acquisition – Target Marketing; in depth property view to aid marketing efforts.
  • Application Processing; learn how to prequalify prospects, and more.
  • Lender Processing; quickly acquire loan evaluation data.
  • Analytics; mortgage insurance, property valuation, portfolio valuation, and more.

The mortgage industry needs accurate and timely data to correctly manage risk, underwrite and process loans, and target your market effectively saving you time and money. ATTOM’s property data provides the actionable information sets that are in demand by experts in the mortgage industry today.

Taking the lead in the mortgage industry means taking control of your needed data and information management, and ATTOM can help.

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