Utilize ATTOM’s Match and Append Solution to Build Targeted Marketing Lists and Convert Prospects

As a marketing agency, we help our clients design and implement effective marketing strategies, conduct market research, and drive marketing campaigns to success. In order to grow our business, we utilize several different lead-generation strategies for growing our brand. One of our key strategies for finding and converting new prospects? Direct mail.

In a world where most marketing agencies advertise online, direct mail can cut through the digital noise and help us stand out from our competitors. Despite being one of the most overlooked marketing channels, direct mail offers a strong ROI of 15-17%, the same as social media.

In order to reach new clients with direct mail, we rely on comprehensive marketing lists – which serve as the foundation of our marketing outreach. But a direct mail campaign is only as good as its marketing list, and we’ve turned to the leading data provider ATTOM to help us build our marketing lists and extend our reach. ATTOM’s Match and Append solution provides us with the comprehensive data we need to reach new prospects and drive our business forward.

Below, we share all the ways we’ve used their leading Match and Append solution to grow our lists and attract new clients.

Building Our Marketing Lists: How We Utilize ATTOM

As a marketing agency, our basic marketing lists are a bare-bones collection of potential prospects, often only including addresses in a target location. ATTOM provides us with the detailed data we need to reach our target prospects and personalize our marketing outreach accordingly.

In the past, we’ve used ATTOM’s Match and Append solution to build several targeted marketing lists. ATTOM’s breath of data, including information on loan types acquired by home owners, insurance coverage, and new home-ownership details, has enabled us to segment different customers for effective targeting by creating a variety of different marketing lists.

For example, in the past, we’ve asked ATTOM to provide us with information on move in dates for a list of addresses in the Staten Island area of New York. ATTOM provided the property owner information in a timely manner, allowing us to tailor our direct mail materials by focusing on the pain-points and interests of our target demographics.

We’ve also used their Match and Append solution to enhance our current datasets with additional data, allowing us to create personalized content. Previously, we have sent ATTOM lists of addresses in different neighborhoods and ATTOM has provided us with the names of people living at those address. This has allowed us to personalize our direct mail materials – increasing our conversions. ATTOM’s Match and Append services is a timely, cost-effective, and hassle-free way to achieve the vital data we need to build our direct mail marketing lists. Their real estate data team have provided us with lists with a far higher level of accuracy than our previous providers. In addition, ATTOM delivers these files based on our preferences – via excel sheet, which allows the each of our team members to easily access and amend the data.

ATTOM Puts Us One Step Ahead of Our Competitors

ATTOM’s Match and Append solution delivers important data on our target prospects. Before we used ATTOM, our team wasted time trying to find out more information on potential marketing prospects. Moreover, we also struggled to create marketing lists based on accurate data. ATTOM enables us to connect to prospects through personal data and convert a high number of prospects every month.

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