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Use ATTOM’s Lead Generation Tool  to Find New Homebuyers

Every year, about 5.5 million people in the U.S. buy a home. Almost 2 million of them are doing it for the first time.

The question for real estate agents, then, is not whether people are looking to buy, it’s how to find the ones who want to buy where you are, and how to nurture those who are looking to make a deal right away.

The best answer is to start with ATTOM Data Solutions online suite of real estate lead-generating and lead-nurturing tools.

Get Going with ATTOM’s Lead Generation Tool

The first thing you need to do when looking for leads is to track them down. And sure, you could spend hours sifting through websites and databases to find a handful of decent leads.

Or, you could cull thousands of qualified leads with ATTOM’s real estate lead generation tool. This tool culls top prequalified leads from Neighborhood Data to put you in front of thousands of buyers looking to buy, sell, or get a mortgage right now.

Stay in Touch with ATTOM’s Lead Nurturing Tool

It’s not enough to just find qualified leads. You also need to build solid relationships with your clients. ATTOM’s lead nurturing tool helps keeps you in touch with automated emails that let clients know about changes in their property and neighborhood. Think of it as a regularly updating snapshot of a neighborhood that keeps you top-of-mind whenever a prospect is looking to sell.

Keep Sharp with ATTOM’s Library of Business Tips

Need a refresher on how to use Facebook to stay in touch with your clients? An update on the kinds of online tools and tech advancements that put you in front of the best potential deals in town? A better understanding of where the marketing dollars typically go?

ATTOM has you covered. Our website is loaded with helpful articles that zero in on building and maintaining great leads to help you put all that great data into action and grow your business.

Putting It All to Work for You

Imagine knowing what your clients need, from beginning to end, and even in the future. Well, that’s what ATTOM’s online tools can do for you. With ATTOM, you can stay ahead of the curve with your customer experience. You can see who’s thinking, who’s serious, and who might need help with getting a mortgage now.

And ATTOM’s suite of online tools are designed to help you put your marketing efforts on autopilot. Our tools can help you snag leads through an email opt-in that allows you enhance your marketing strategies, collect more leads, and nurture prospects until they’re ready to buy. Or, you can keep an eye on which prospects are most likely to buy, based on web interactions.

Your business is too important to leave to chance, much less to outdated ways of staying in touch with the best prospects. Get your edge and keep it with ATTOM Data Solutions.

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