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As a solution that can provide companies with direct access to real-time property data, APIs are one of the most popular options for building and powering websites, apps, portals, and custom software applications.

At ATTOM, we are known for our leading real estate API solution — providing our customers with direct access to rich real estate data on 99% of the American population. In this post, we explore our real estate API in more detail and showcase some of its uses across the industries.

What is an API?

Wondering what an API is and how it could help your business?  ‘API’ stands for application programming interface. A real estate API provides users with direct access to a range of real-time property data via their own website, application, portal, or custom software. You can use a real estate API to automatically update your website, app, and other systems with real-time real estate data.

With an API solution, real estate professionals can easily keep track of new properties arriving on the market and power their sites and applications with up-to-date data on the local housing market and neighborhoods. You can also get direct access to real estate data on property ownership, features, taxes, sales, foreclosures, mortgages, valuations and more.

What are Real Estate APIs Used for?

There are many uses for a real estate API. You can use a real estate API to power your analytics models with accurate, real-time real estate data to help simplify and enhance your analysis of the property market. You can reduce your workload with automatic updates to your platform.

You can also use an API solution to power your real estate platform. You can showcase a range of property details to prospective buyers and investors — from number of bedrooms to lot size and property characteristics. In addition, you can use an API to help share neighborhood information that’s of interest to buyers and investors. Such data may include the schools a property is zoned to and local points of interest.

Many companies also use real estate APIs to pre-populate forms with property information, reducing the burden on customers — helping to improve user conversion, satisfaction, and retention rates.

A Look at ATTOM’s Real Estate API

There are a number of real estate APIs out there, but ATTOM’s API is one of the best known and most well regarded. You can use our real estate API to access accurate property data — including data on: property ownership, interior and exterior property characteristics, zoning, property square footage, sales comps, and sales history.

With ATTOM’s API, you can directly power your software with real-time real estate data. Our API conforms to the REST architectural style, which gives you access to our exhaustive property data anytime you need it.

With ATTOM’s API, you can get access to real estate data that covers 99% of the American population. You can use our API solution to access information on over 155 million U.S. properties. Our multi-sourced, enhanced national warehouse provides 9,000 data fields and 70+ billion rows of data.

Try Out ATTOM’s API Solution

Power your real estate website and app directly with comprehensive, real-time real estate data with a real estate API. Reduce workload for both you and your customers with automatic updates to your apps and systems and prepopulated forms.

ATTOM’s real estate API is one of the leading solutions currently on the market. Curious to try it out for yourself? Why not give it a test drive? You can experiment with our developer sandbox and knowledge base and get technical support from our team on how best to use our API to meet your business needs. Get a free API key and start building today.

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