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Qualified Real Estate Leads

Real estate brokers and agents are always on the lookout for one thing: leads. The nature of buying a home means that satisfied clients often won’t be needing your services again for years, if ever. Although previous clients are often an excellent source of referrals, those in the real estate industry need a steady stream of good, qualified leads if they want to keep their business pipeline full. Luckily (or unluckily, depending on your perspective), there is a wide variety of lead-generation tools available in the market, ranging from Facebook-related marketing to niche products like foreclosure listings. Determining which product is the best for your company will depend on several factors, including pricing, how the leads are generated, and how easy it is to use and integrate with your system.

Know your sources

How leads are generated is certainly one of the most critical components to consider when evaluating these products. Where is the data coming from? How reliable is the source? Is there more than one source? Companies may want to consider working with a company that not only offers robust lead-generation tools, but also offers a powerful data solution to deliver their leads quickly and efficiently.

ATTOM Data Solutions has industry-leading property data from verified sources that will help companies not only generate better leads, but also create targeted marketing campaigns, analyze data, and drill down to the specific information they need. The Property Data API offers companies real-time access to some of the most comprehensive real estate data available. As all real estate professionals know, it’s all about location, location, location, and ATTOM’s Property Data API reflects that by covering more than 155 million U.S. properties with a nationwide database that includes neighborhood information as well as property-specific details and histories. In fact, the API has 387 fields of data pulled from public and private sources, offering clients a robust experience that is completely customizable to the market in which they work.

Get support

In addition to the powerful Property Data API, ATTOM also offers lead-generation tools that are ideal for real estate companies. With data derived from its industry leading real estate sites and, ATTOM’s lead-generation tool uncovers thousands of qualified leads every month and then backs those up with a lead-nurturing tool that helps agents and brokers earn (and keep) the attention of prospects. The API and lead-generation tools are easy to integrate into your current systems and backed up by ATTOM’s incomparable support.

With all the real estate data and lead-generation tools available now, companies must carefully consider which product is right for their business: what data they need, how that data is generated, and what kind of integration and support is provided.

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