ATTOM’s Chief Product & Technology Officer, Todd Teta, along with early adopters of DaaS, will introduce you to ATTOM’s newest data solution: ATTOM DaaS (Data-as-a-Service).

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Benefits of ATTOM DaaS (from Early Adopters)
  • The ATTOM DaaS Difference
  • How ATTOM DaaS Works

ATTOM Data-as-a-Service Webinar Summary

On April 17, 2019, ATTOM Data Solutions hosted a webinar describing its newest solution, ATTOM DaaS (Data-as-a-Service). To watch the webinar, click here.

With a mission to power real estate transparency, ATTOM offers a multi-sourced national data warehouse of property and ownership data, which covers 99% of the US population. In addition to ATTOM DaaS, ATTOM offers a variety of data solutions and flexible delivery systems of its analytics-ready data, including Property Data APIs and Bulk Property Data Licensing.

ATTOM designed DaaS for the future of data delivery. Todd Teta, ATTOM’s Chief Technology and Product Officer, describes the solution as a consolidated API platform that integrates all of ATTOM’s data sets into a single API solution. DaaS is a private instance of a fully managed cloud database built on ATTOM’s existing robust data warehouse. This means that each customer gets their own cloud-based private data mart, with real-time access, fully managed by ATTOM, with 24×7 availability and support. DaaS can be beneficial to a number of targeted industries including real estate, mortgage, insurance, finance, analytics, capital markets, and startups.

The impact of technology on the consumption of data has impacted almost every industry (e.g., streaming music and movies). Similarly, DaaS improves the ‘shipping’ of data by removing the logistics and coordination previously required and delivers data to its customers in a ready-to-use format. ATTOM understands that dealing with data is time-consuming, messy, and costly. The DaaS platform alleviates the burdens of executing a data project by greatly simplifying the management of large data sets.

Typical use cases of the DaaS platform include:

  1. Analytics Development: Data scientists building analytic models leveraging robust data to test hypotheses.
  2. Real Estate Research: Analyses using existing tools and leveraging ATTOM data in order to identify market trends.
  3. Product Development: Enable scaleable product development by easily integrating data with customers’ internal applications.

Differentiators of ATTOM DaaS:

  • Built on ATTOM’s Robust Data Warehouse
  • Unique Identifier (ATTOM ID)
  • High Data Quality
  • Connected Data Solution
  • Increased Speed to Market
  • Reduced Costs
  • Simplified Customer Support

How ATTOM DaaS Works: Demo

Richard Sawicky, ATTOM’s Chief Data Officer, articulates that the product is only as good as the data that goes into it. The ATTOM data warehouse streamlines delivery of property data, boundary data, neighborhood and demographic data, as well as other ancillary and analytics data relevant to properties.

Richard goes on to provide a demonstration of SQL Notebook connecting to DaaS. [Refer to video starting 21m:10s – ending 32m:20s]

Client Experience

Kamel Boulos, Chief Technology Officer of ClosingCorp, uses two primary data sets from ATTOM, Tax Assessor and County Recorder Datasets. ClosingCorp leverages this data to examine various property attributes and deliver accurate fees to its customers in real time. The DaaS solution allows ClosingCorp to access daily updates and more easily ingest data into their platform as opposed to dealing with bulk files—so they can spend less time and resources updating the data and focus instead on other critical activities.

Andreas Senie, Founder & CEO of CRE Collaborative, is very excited about the DaaS platform because it helps CRE Collaborative aggregate commercial real estate data into one place. The DaaS platform provides the foundation to enhance, validate, and augment information, making that data readily available to CRE Collaborative users. DaaS platform helps CRE Collaborative deliver next generation intelligence that connects the entire real estate industry.

Maksim Stavinsky, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer of Roc Capital Holdings, has been using ATTOM data for the past two years to provide a 360 experience for its borrowers. Roc is an early adopter of the DaaS solution and has benefited from the streamlined delivery of daily high-quality data. According to Stavinsky, ATTOM has been incredibly responsive to any customer service inquiries and support and has been a great partner.”


Below are selected questions received during the webinar. To see the answers, just click here to watch to the entire webinar.

Q1: What are the costs?

Q2: Can you explain the 13 steps of data integration and the amount of work needed to integrate data from DaaS?

Q3: Data records need to be fixed. Does this eliminate the need for FIX file?

Q4: We ingest and upload our property data from other data providers. Is this a fit for us?

Q5: How do we try DaaS?

Q6: We need data for five states. Can we use DaaS for this?

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