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How Real Estate Agents Can Use Building Permit Data and Online Valuation Tools for Lead Generation

Online valuation tools are an effective lead-generation tool for real estate agents looking for new leads on both the seller and buyer side. Sellers in particular are interested in how much they can get for their home – and they are looking for quick and reliable information as soon as they consider listing their property for sale. As such, many real estate agents have found property valuation tools one of the most effective ways of improving site engagement and generating new leads for their business.

However, property valuation tools have racked up a bad reputation in recent years. Many critics have called them out as inaccurate and responsible for trusting buyers and sellers overpaying for property or selling their homes for less. While others have criticised them as a way for real estate agents to lure sellers in with the promise of high asking prices that never materialize.

As such, while property valuation tools are a tried-and-true method of generating real estate leads, in order to protect your reputation and ensure buyers and sellers are satisfied with your service, it’s always a good idea to make sure your property valuation tool is based on the most reliable data possible.

That’s why, in this post, we explore how building permit data can be used to inform online valuation tools in order to provide accurate home valuations for both buyers and sellers.

Provide Accurate Home Valuations to Prospective Buyers

ATTOM’s building permit data offers a historic view of a property with detailed information on job descriptions and costs, permit type classifications (such as electrical), permit status, contractor information, and more.

This data provides insights into any current work, and all past work, being undertaken on a property – from extensive property renovations to electrical and roofing work. This comprehensive data supplies a more thorough overview of the true value of property – beyond more basic data sets, allowing buyers to gain a more accurate insight into the value of any properties of interest. This can be especially helpful for buyers who worry about purchasing a home for more than its market value.

In addition, our building permit data also includes information on pending renovations or property characteristics – supplying interested buyer’s with a reliable picture of a property’s real-time value. Having access to this data ensures that property valuations are as precise as possible for buyers.

Using building permit data to inform your property valuation tools on your website or portal is a great way to draw in new real estate leads who are looking for fast, accurate valuations on a property.

Property valuation tools an effective way to capture your lead’s information, giving you an avenue to reach out to them to discuss their needs and to arrange property inspections in order to assess a property’s value more accurately.

Draw in Sellers with Fast, Reliable Home Valuations

When beginning the process of selling their home, the first thing prospective sellers do is try to find out the value of their property. Online property valuations have become popular in recent years, providing an instant calculation on the value of a home.

Comprehensive building permit data on the historic profile of a property helps ensure property valuations are as exact as possible in the early stages. Along with other important property data, such as data on comparable sales and neighborhood and demographic data, building permit data provides granular insights into the condition of a property and any valuable features or issues that sellers may not have considered or even be aware of – such as HVAC upgrades.

As with interested property buyers, featuring a property valuation tool on your portal or website is a brilliant way to draw in new buyers looking for further advice on how to sell their home.

Generate New Real Estate Leads with ATTOM’s Building Permit Data

Property valuation tools are a great way to generate new leads and conversions as a real estate agent. But with many competitors out there currently using property valuation tools to capture prospects’ information, you can differentiate your valuation tool as more reliable by using building permit data to provide more accurate property valuations to interested buyers and sellers.

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