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What Makes for a Good Property Investment?

Everyone knows the three most important components of building a successful business. But the truth is, there actually is more to it than location and location (and, of course, location).

Real estate and property investors need to know what makes a location the right one. Developers need to understand area data; investors need to know whether a particular parcel or property is worth the money they’re going to put into a project, even if it’s in an up-and-coming neighborhood.

In short, knowing specifics counts for a lot when it comes to property valuation and investment decisions.

Property Characteristics: The Properties of Properties

Online property searches can take up a lot of time on most real estate portals. But ATTOM Data Solutions lets you search for the property characteristics you specifically want, efficiently. Culled from more than 155 million property records nationwide, ATTOM’s data warehouse puts investors in front of the kinds of specific property data that businesses need to succeed.

ATTOM’s database provides the most current information on an array of property characteristics, from square footage and the number of rooms to the type of heating and cooling system and fire resistance. Even information on porches and balconies is at your fingertips.

Neighborhood Data for Better Decisions

Locations ripe for investment weigh a lot of factors – geography, disaster risk, school districts, and so on.

Schools, in fact, are maybe the best indicator of how desirable a neighborhood is to buyers. Good schools draw buyers with families to areas of higher property values. For investors, that kind of information is gold.

ATTOM is one of the leading providers for neighborhood data in the U.S. with the most expansive hyperlocal data sets possible. And even though it’s designed for the consumer market, just remember – when investing in neighborhoods, you want to know what your neighbors-to-be already know and how they make their decision.

ATTOM provides due-diligence insights on cities and neighborhoods through more than 30 key local data sets. Everything from school and crime data to demographics and environmental risks.

Take a Deeper Dive with ATTOM

As an investor or developer, you don’t just want the consumer information on properties. You want the most detailed information on the most data you can get so that you can build your short list of properties worth checking out.

ATTOM dives even deeper into area and neighborhood statistics. See crime data down to the presence of drug labs; environmental issues ranging from nearby brownfields to airport noise; school data right down to test scores; and reams of data on nearby emergency centers, major occupations among citizens, housing inventory, fair market rents, and dozens of other data points. It’s everything you need to make an informed decision for your investment.

Visit or call us at 800-462-5125 and let one of our friendly experts help you find the right data for the right decisions.


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