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How ATTOM is Simplifying Residential Property Data

Maybe the greatest dilemma for residential real estate professionals is that while there is an endless amount of property data on their phones and computers, it’s often overwhelming to navigate. It’s all out there in the vast ocean of the internet, but … how do you find it?

That’s why ATTOM Data Solutions is leading the charge to simplify residential property data for real estate professionals. ATTOM’s rigorous Enterprise Data Management Program (EDMP) involves more than 20 steps that validate, standardize and enhance the real estate data that is collected. This takes the intimidation out of searching residential property data and delivers the most usable, highest quality results you can get on more than 155 million properties in the United States.

With the ‘ATTOM ID,’ Professionals Can Stop Guessing

How many times have you tried to outthink a search box for when researching an address? Does the database you’re using recognize a property’s address as “10 Main Street?” Or is it “10 Main St.?” Or is it “Ten Main Street?” Or “Ten Main St.?” Guessing wrong can cost a lot of time and buy a lot of frustration.

And that’s just a simple address. Imagine if you were looking for a property on North West Brook Road.

ATTOM knows how important it is to have standardized, reliable information, no matter how the system you’re searching identifies or labels a property. That’s why we created the ATTOM ID.

ATTOM standardizes and enhances real property data and assigns each property record a unique identification tag. Then we blend the results with datasets on neighborhood, natural hazard, environmental, and MLS solutions to deliver the most complete picture possible on a property – and every property with a unique number, which means you never have to try guessing how other databases want you to input information.

Just How Complete is the Picture?

ATTOM Data Solutions:

  • Standardizes property address data from more than 29 billion rows of transactional-level data and more than 7,200 discrete data attributes through geocoding, and verifies addresses, including address changes through USPS data.
  • Parses owners’ names, including multiple owners and corporate and institutional owners.
  • Tags every property in ATTOM’s 9TB data warehouse with a permanent ID.
  • Fuses and prioritizes multi-sourced data into usable, flexible records.

And to back it all up, ATTOM dedicates our expert team to test and curate data and stay in touch with our customers.

Who Uses ATTOM?

ATTOM is the ideal solution for real estate professionals, from investors and agents to brokers and servicers.

Quite simply, if you have a need to research residential property, ATTOM has the answers to your questions. Without the intimidation and without the time-wasting guesswork.

Find out more about what ATTOM Data Solutions can do for your business today by visiting, or call us at 800-462-5125.

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