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Real estate sellers and investors turn to online transactional marketplaces for greater security, access to a wider pool of buyers and properties, and faster transactions. In the digital landscape of real estate, seller and buyer expectations are high. Your prospects are looking for a simplified online process for transactions, leads they can trust, and access to detailed property data. In a competitive market, how can you guarantee customer loyalty? We explore some of the most effective approaches below.

Omni-Channel Marketing for Real Estate Sellers

To attract the largest pool of buyers, transactional real estate marketplaces should go beyond property listings and offer a range of marketing avenues: from video to email marketing campaign templates – for targeted market coverage. Omni-channel marketing increases exposure dramatically, helping sellers scale their business quickly and smoothly using one platform.

Offer funnel content customization with a range of templates for landing pages, emails, and other marketing materials that allow sellers to construct a cohesive brand identity. Most sellers turn to online platforms to help them save time on advertizing and selling property.

Offer Streamlined Communication Avenues

Offer a streamlined platform that allows users to securely organize, store, and share contractual documentation and marketing materials – as well as data for property listings. Provide secure communication channels, enabling your users to easily store and share their documenters, from due diligence documentation to floorplans.

Stop Buyers Feeling Overwhelmed and Boost Seller Confidence

Detailed real estate data helps sellers draw in qualified buyers with a holistic view of a property and the surrounding area. For example, with ATTOM’s real estate data, buyers can unearth details on construction material, property features, square-foot, and surrounding points of interest – such as retail outlets.

In addition, 94% of buyers now start their property search online and have a sea of eligible properties to choose from. Without the right property data, buyers can easily become overwhelmed and paralyzed by choice. With access to extensive data on a property, investors are confident that their investment decisions are well-informed, and transactions are likely to move smoothly from initial negotiation to closing – ensuring satisfaction of both parties and encouraging them to continue returning to your platform.

Moreover, many sellers are limited by their knowledge of the property they wish to sell. Frustrations over a lack of knowledge of their property can lead many sellers to leave a platform. We provide accurate property information using the address provided by a seller, reducing bounce rates and ensuring that buyers and sellers have all the data they need to move forward with an informed transaction.

Provide both sellers and investors with greater autonomy and confidence as they take control of their portfolios and transactions with the transparency offered by real-time real estate data. To improve lead-generation for sellers, our demographic and neighborhood data can be repurposed into statistics, marketing outreach materials, or interactive maps on your platform.

Grow Relationships Between Sellers and Buyers

Sellers are keen to qualify buyers, especially in the online space in which accurate information on buyers can be scarce. Ensuring users are verified through identification systems is also key to inspiring seller trust. In addition, you can also provide detailed sales data and transparency on the past transactions of buyers and sellers to ensure each user can trust those they contact on your platform.

Moreover, you can also use software to match appropriate sellers and buyers. For example, buyers with interests in properties in California can be automatically introduced to sellers in that area. This helps take the pressure off sellers to constantly engage in prospecting – ensuring customer loyalty.

Improve Customer Loyalty with a Competitive Interface

Both buyers and sellers note that they are looking for a fast, smooth, and secure property transactions online. In addition, they are also hungry for platforms that serve their need for transparency in the real estate market, offer streamlined processes and marketing services, and secure transactions. In order to ensure your online real estate marketplace impresses both sellers and buyers and encourages loyal customers, ensure you’re providing a more comprehensive solution than your competitors.

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