Taking the property auctions from the auction house and empowering people to sell and bid on residential properties online has helped transform the property market. However, sellers’ confidence may be slow to catch up to the new way of selling property – with homeowners often doubting their ability to successfully navigate the world of online property auctions.

In addition, without the assistance of a knowledgeable real estate agent, many sellers may struggle provide the accurate, detailed information needed by prospective buyers and brokers to make a decision on whether or not to bid on a property.

Gaining access to comprehensive data on 99% of the U.S. market is a great way to fill in property sellers’ gaps in knowledge and ensure properties sell for the best price, offering you a better commission.  Moreover, you can help boost a seller’s confidence by providing them data on the housing market.

In this post, we explore how to enhance property listings listed on your property auction website, and improve sellers’ satisfaction with your platform, using ATTOM’s property data.

Heighten Your Status as a Real Estate Expert with Property Data

Accessing an online auction website can often be nerve-wracking for homeowners who have a traditional image of the property-selling process in mind: involving active agents, property viewings, and in-person negotiations on price.

data table For example, the everyday homeowner is likely unaware how the oversupply of eligible homes creates a buyer’s market and the price war they will likely need to engage in with competitors in order to sell their home. Providing guidance on how current market trends impact asking prices can help build homeowners confidence and strengthen your relationship with them, promoting a positive customer experience. In order to promote sellers’ confidence, your team must present themselves as highly knowledgeable about the property market.

Our property data provides you with detailed information on the housing market at your fingertips. Build sellers assurance in your real estate expertise by providing them with an in-depth look at the property market. Our realty data highlights market composition, mortgage history, recorder and deed, values and tax data, lot size and more, for properties across the U.S..                                                                                                                             

Making sure property sellers have ongoing support and access to the information they need will improve satisfaction rates and reduce churn. In order to efficiently support property sellers, provide them with a range of direct support channels, such as chat, email, and phone lines.

In addition, in order to reduce manpower and overheads, it can also be a great idea to utilize AI, such as chatbots, CRMs, and content marketing – all of which can be used to share and manage data on properties and the housing market.

Give Property Listings a Boost with Demographic and Realty Estate Data

Many homeowners may be unaware of the details on home construction materials, square space, electrical and heating systems, and more. Lack of knowledge on this key information can mean that vital information is left out on property descriptions for homes, repelling bidders and dragging down asking prices.


Screenshot from Family Vacations Hub and Maps Maker

Property data from ATTOM allows you to enhance the property listings on your website by providing information of points of interest, neighborhood data, school data, and more with ATTOM.

Moreover, you can further promote engagement by ensuring property and neighborhood data is presented in a dynamic way. For example, you may like to include maps highlighting neighborhood and property boundaries, 3D tours of homes – promoting attractive property features, or infographics on each neighborhood.

Keep Property Sellers and Buyers Happy

ATTOM can deliver extensive data to help enhance your sellers’ listings – providing prospective buyers with the information they need to make a bid on a property. In addition, many sellers often feel nervous about taking their property sale online, offering support by providing detailed insights into the property market will help to grow strong relationships with your site users.                                                                                                                

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