What is an API? What are ATTOM APIs and who are they for? Looking for the answers to these questions and more?

Click here to listen to this webinar featuring the various datasets that go into our innovative self-service property data APIs, and learn how the real estate industry is using our APIs and how those uses can be applied to other industries.

A few of the key points presented in this webinar include how ATTOM’s API platform works, how it can help power your real estate business, and common use cases. This webinar also delves into our developer portal and shows you how you can get started building your platform.

As an introduction to ATTOM’s APIs, ATTOM VP of Product Management, Sean Mooney, explains that API stands for Application Programming Interface, a piece of software you can integrate into your own applications to access ATTOM’s property data in real-time.

Sean notes that through ATTOM’s API platform, when you need our data, you make a request through the platform, and depending on the request type and specific API endpoint you request, our API responds with the appropriate data, which you can then make available in your applications for your customers or specific business needs. The beauty of this process is it happens in real-time and you don’t need to store any of our data – we deliver it to you when you request it.

In this webinar, Sean points out the key differentiating factors that make ATTOM APIs stand out in the market:

  • First, our APIs are powered by our industry-leading data warehouse where we curate and manage all of our datasets. We rigorously validate our data using a variety of quality control techniques, ensuring we offer the industry’s highest quality.
  • We’ve platformed our APIs on cloud technologies to give us high performance and scale. This not only lets us meet your needs today, but also lets us scale with you as your needs grow.
  • Our APIs are standards-based, meaning integration is straightforward for your application or analytics development teams.
  • Our APIs come with a robust developer portal which is essentially a documentation and test tool that we think simplifies integration work for you. The portal is available 24×7, so you can access it at any time.
  • Our API packaging and pricing allows us to scale with you, which allows you to validate your use cases, test it out and consider our short-term or enterprise plans that allow you to start small or large depending on your needs.
  • Lastly, we wrap the API up with our industry-leading customer success model, meaning you have access to folks who can help with integration, answer questions on data, and help you succeed in whatever you’re trying to do with the APIs.


ATTOM APIs are used by many companies from many different industries – including traditional real estate companies, analytics companies and insurance companies – all of whom need access to our U.S. real estate data.

How can you use the ATTOM APIs to power your business? In this webinar, Sean illustrates a few broad use cases, which can be applied to many different industries – from marketing and sales to real estate and operations.

APIs are only as good as the data that goes into them. Our ATTOM Table of Data Elements shows how we organize our data into 4 main categories.

  • Property & Owner – This is our bread-and-butter data. We track a lot of information about individual properties, including property characteristics, mortgages, transactions, listing information, and ownership.
  • Neighborhood – this category is more about the area surrounding a property rather than the property itself. It includes demographics, crime, and schools.  Since location is everything in real estate, when you couple this data with property data, the picture is even more complete.
  • Boundaries – this is spatially oriented data, including parcel boundary, neighborhood boundaries, and area boundaries. A common usage of this data is for identifying which elementary, middle and high school are assigned to a particular property, or identifying which neighborhood a property is located in.
  • Analytics and Derived Data – these are data that is derived from our other data. This include our AVM values, equity values, and more.


ATTOM Data Solutions is your one-stop shop for premium property data with flexible delivery solutions. Our mission is to power real estate transparency and to fuel innovation across various industries with the most comprehensive property data.

Our data can be delivered in a variety of ways, including hybrid options. We are flexible in how we work with our customers, and many of our customers utilize more than one of these solutions to meet their various business needs.

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