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As the providers of a popular real estate investor platform, we use ATTOM’s property data to power our solution. ATTOM helps us stay competitive in a fast-growing market to ensure we deliver the very best on market and off-market lead opportunities to our users. In this post, we explore how we use ATTOM’s property data to serve investors and maintain our authority in the market in more detail.

Providing Reliable On-Market and Off-Market Data to Investors

To provide investors with a comprehensive look at the on market and off-market leads available for an affordable fee, we turn to ATTOM to provide us with in depth, real-time property data on both on market and off-market investment opportunities.

We source recorder, tax assessor, and foreclosure data from ATTOM – ensuring we have a full picture of the variety of property leads currently available. Being able to provide such a thorough look at the market is key for providing our investors with a competitive advantage when it comes to acquiring off-market leads on a limited budget.

Providing Access to the Most Lucrative Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Traditional methods of lead generation for real estate investors, such as working with a real estate agent, direct mail initiatives, or driving for dollars, are often time consuming and costly.

In addition, without having access to the MLS – unless partnering with a real estate agent, many real estate investors struggle to find and capitalize on off-market leads – which arguably offer the best investment potential.

Rather than driving for dollars to find potentially lucrative foreclosure investments, investors can come to our real estate platform to access a range of foreclosure data, provided by ATTOM, including details on the type of foreclosure listing, the auction and recording data, and details on the property’s address – ideal for an investor’s outreach initiatives.

All of Our Data in One Place

Being able to source our data from ATTOM alone has saved us time and resources collecting data from different providers. This has also enabled us to ensure that our data is accurately reflecting the market as is – strengthening loyalty among our customer base.

Fueling Investments With ATTOM

ATTOM provides us with thorough, highly accurate real-time data on the property market – including reliable data on any off-market properties – ensuring that we are exhaustive source of accurate data on off market and on-market lead opportunities for the investors who rely on our platform.

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This is a theoretical use case informed by the very real ways our clients use ATTOM’s property data.

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