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A Home Value Estimator Tool Powered by Property Data: A New Way to Generate Leads for a Real Estate Brokerage

As a real estate brokerage, one of our key focuses is how we generate high-quality leads for your business. In a competitive market that’s home to thousands of real estate agents and brokers, using innovative ways to generate and convert new leads is key to growing our business. In this post, we explore how we combine ATTOM’s myAVM solution with a home value estimator tool to generate a steady influx of high-quality leads each month.

Paying Third Parties for Leads Isn’t the Only Way to Grow a Brokerage

In the past, we overwhelmingly turned to third parties for leads, but by using ATTOM’s home-valuation data, we began to take charge of the lead generation process and began to capture our own. We use the property data provided in the myAVM solution, and ATTOM’s automated valuation model, to capture new home-seller leads with a home valuation landing page that features a house value calculator.

New home sellers are keen to find out what their home is worth. A well-designed home valuation tool offers home sellers the chance to instantly find out what their home is worth – providing their contact details in return.

A myAVM landing page does not rely on website integration, but captures our leads’ details quickly and easily, and instantly draws up accurate home valuation data. ATTOM’s myAVM is optimized for both desktop and mobile, allowing you to capture leads on every platform.

More Conversions, Less Man Power: Automating Real Estate Lead Outreach

Before ATTOM, we often struggled to turn leads into customers. Now, we use the myAVM solution to draw our prospects further down our marketing funnel. Designed to deliver home valuation updates on our prospects’ property every two weeks, complete with our brand and contact information, the myAVM tool is an ideal way to keep our brand at the forefront of our prospects minds and build rapport by highlighting our value.

ATTOM’s myAVM solution offers us a simple and effective way to develop relationships with brokerage prospects, without the need for elaborate email campaigns, carefully-timed outreach, or lengthy sales calls with questionable conversion rates.

In addition, we also use ATTOM’s myAVM solution to further build our credibility and rapport with prospects by repurposing this property data into a printed real estate report that we deliver via direct mail, emails, physical copies bought to client meetings.

A Snapshot Look at ATTOM’s myAVM Solution

ATTOM’s myAVM solution is the first valuation tool offering an affordable alternative to expensive turnkey models, a highly usable interface, and reliable, detailed information on the value of a home.

The myAVM solution undertakes a thorough market analysis of property values and automates the delivery of accurate home valuation data. With ATTOM, multiple models and inputs combine to provide reliable calculations on property values. This real estate data is updated monthly using ATTOM’s data aggregation model – developed over 15 years. More than 155 million U.S. properties are analyzed using this model.

A Home Value Estimator Tool Powered by ATTOM’s Property Data for Effective Lead Generation

Capture and convert new leads for your real estate business with accurate home valuation data. ATTOM’s myAVM is designed to consistently capture and keep new leads for real estate businesses with reliable property data. Interested in a free two-week trial? Get a free quote here.

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