We are the providers of a popular real estate data platform in the residential real estate space. Our solution? We supply real estate data to property managers and real estate investors looking for insights into the real estate market. Our customers come to us for property records on properties across the U.S and accurate rental price estimates.

In this post we explore how we’ve used ATTOM’s property data to enhance the solutions we provide for our customers. Read on to find out more.

How We Use ATTOM’s Property Data

We offer a popular plugin that provides rental price estimates to our customers. We mainly use ATTOM’s real estate data to ensure we provide real-time insights into the rental property market. ATTOM allows us to supply accurate rental estimates based on where the property is located and its characteristics.

ATTOM’s comprehensive database, on over 155 million properties, provides a full picture of the rental value of a property, with detailed property characteristics that cover: the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, whether or not the property has a porch or balcony, the construction materials used to build a property, and more.

We also use ATTOM’s property data to unearth property comps to deduce similar properties’ values. This real-time data fuels our rental price estimate plugin to generate new leads for property investors and property management companies who use our site.

Why We Chose ATTOM

We were impressed by the fact that ATTOM not only offers the most comprehensive property data on the market, but their people are what make the difference. With a team of dedicated data experts, ATTOM is not only a trusted source but a valuable partner.

ATTOM’s core approach of transparency, disruption, and innovation in the real estate market resonated with our ethos and desire to disrupt the real estate space with transparent, data-driven insights for our real estate data platform.

When considering providers, we were reassured of the quality of their solutions and their expertise in the real estate space due to their recognition in the industry – as was demonstrated by the high number of awards listed on their website.

We depend on ATTOM, as we know we can be assured of the quality of their data. Their 20-step Data Management Process, which validates, standardizes, and enhances their property data, ensures both its quality and its accuracy.

Continually Impressed by the Assured Quality of ATTOM’s Real Estate Data

ATTOM’s property data has helped enhance the quality of the data we offer our customers. Impressed by the comprehensiveness of their offering and ensured of the accuracy of their data thanks to their vigorous validation and enhancement process, we continue to enjoy working with ATTOM to provide the very best data to our customers.

Want to know more about ATTOM’s real estate data? As a leading provider of nationwide property data, we can provide you with comprehensive insights into the real estate market. Get in touch to discuss how we can help here.

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