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As a disruptive technology, The Internet of Things (typically abbreviated to the IoT) is rapidly growing in popularity among U.S. homeowners. The IoT is made up of a network of interconnected sensors, apps, and platforms that help connect physical objects throughout the home or a commercial property, such as appliances, window blinds, or doors. This network of objects (or smart devices) all connect to the internet and communicate with each other through data.

From light fixtures to coffee makers, the IoT helps power the smart home technologies homeowners are becoming increasingly interested in to help simplify and improve their day-to-day lives.

New research shows that American broadband households that say they own smart home tech own eight IoT devices on average. Doorbells and door locks are the most widely adopted smart home categories, with 11% and 9% of homeowners currently using them in the home.

In addition, commercial business owners often use the IoT to help optimize a number of processes within their companies, such as shipping and fulfilment — from stock management to delivery. According to PwC’s Real Estate Benchmarking Survey, 73% of executives have decided to put the IoT on their business agenda for the year ahead. While Fortune Business Insights notes that the global IoT market is set to grow by 26% each year —with tech trend forecasters predicting it will hit almost 2.5 trillion dollars in 2029.

In this post, we explore how we use ATTOM’s real estate data as an IoT provider.

A Look at ATTOM’s Real Data for IoT Companies

ATTOM’s property data sets can help power smart homes and companies that rely on the IoT. ATTOM provides us with unlimited data to help benchmark energy and appliance usage. We integrate our home systems with a digital app that our customers can use to monitor the appliances within their network, enabling them to more easily keep track of their energy usage.

Our customers use the app to both monitor energy usage and pre-program their appliances, including their kitchen appliances, security systems, lights throughout the home, music systems, heating systems, doorbells and door locks, and more. For example, in the winter, homeowners can set their heating system to come on at a certain time — such as an hour before they get home from work. Homeowners can also review footage and keep an eye on any security concerns. The data and utility provided by the app helps them get the most out of their appliances and get a better understanding of the smart systems powering their home.

In addition, access to this data allows our customers to get a better understanding of their energy usage and spending throughout the month. For example, they can more easily track how much they’ve spent on the electricity powering their smart bulbs throughout the home for the day, week or month. With a few clicks, they can also see how much it costs them to brew up a cup of coffee in the morning. To help them more easily keep track of their energy and appliance usage, we also provide mobile-powered notifications and alerts.

These capabilities give them a greater appreciation of their smart home appliances and encourage them to use them more often and can help them perceive the long-term of value of continuing to invest in them in the future.

A snapshot of ATTOM’s Real Estate and Property Data

Where does ATTOM’s real estate and property data come in?

As one of the most comprehensive solutions currently available on the market, ATTOM provides real estate data on more than 155 million U.S. residential and commercial properties. As an IoT provider, ATTOM’s data is centralized on a single platform for potentially easier, faster access to the property data insights that power integrated systems.

In addition, ATTOM’s data goes through a 20-step data management process that validates, standardizes and enhances all the datasets they provide to their clients across the home services industry.

As an IoT provider, you can find a host of real estate data via ATTOM, including information on local foreclosures, geocodes, building permits, property characteristics, and owner information— among others. You can access ATTOM’s property data through an extensive range of data delivery options, including: the ATTOM Cloud, ATTOM’s Real Estate Data API, Property and Real Estate Market Reports, Marketing Lists, and Bulk Data Licensing.

Nationwide Property Data from ATTOM

The adoption of the IoT is picking up pace through the residential and commercial sectors. But to function optimally, the IoT and the systems it powers needs real-time data.

As a leading provider of extensive real estate data, ATTOM provides real estate and property data on millions of homes throughout the U.S. IoT providers are using this data to help power customer insights in smart technologies and help them gain a better understanding of the benefits this tech provides.

Interested in discovering more about ATTOM’s real estate data and everything it can do for you as an IoT business? We have many years of experience helping our clients get the most out of our exhaustive residential and commercial real estate data. Find out more about how we can help here.

This is a theoretical use case informed by the real ways our clients use our extensive property data.

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