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Premier Data & Analytics Provider for Smart Homes

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Smart Homes Run on Data

Smart home technologies are rapidly advancing, thanks to the Internet of Things. These systems require the connection of the physical aspects of homes with the intelligence of apps, platforms, and real-time data. ATTOM’s property data provides the building blocks for streamlined systems and cost-efficient smart homes.

  • Provide clients with unlimited property data delivered through platforms to smart homeowners.
  • Centralize fragmented sources of home information in a single platform.
  • Build linkages across the real estate and consumer finance ecosystems.
  • Provide clients with on-demand analytics on everything from mortgage rates to home energy consumption.
  • Provide mobile-enabled notifications, alerts, and controls.
  • Provide community data that might influence security system decisions.

A Better Smart Home Experience with ATTOM

Smart homes are all about efficiency and convenience. But that requires intelligence that has the most up-to-date data that can be provided. Build better solutions with ATTOM’s property data sets, offer security and comfort to homeowners, and transform your customer engagement.

Benefits for Smart Homes

  • Unlimited data to benchmark energy and appliance usage.
  • Data on community security concerns so that systems can be tailored and alerts initiated.
  • Efficiencies from smart systems and constant monitoring with convenient apps.
  • Optimize smart home efficiencies with ATTOM’s intelligence.

Use ATTOM to Enhance Solutions and Increase Smart Home Use

  • Integrate home systems with digital apps that benchmark energy and appliance use for better efficiencies.
  • Use your platform to deliver data to the consumer and improve their understanding of smart systems.

How Can the Smart Home Industry Use ATTOM?

Distressed Property Owners

Educate the Consumer

Use property data to educate the consumer and encourage the use of smart home technologies.

New Borrowers

Show the Value of Smart Technology

Use real estate data to show the value of smart technology and why the efficiencies are worth the cost.

Financial Services

Create Efficiencies from the Outset

Develop smart homes from the concept stage with integrated ecosystems for a better buyer experience.

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