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Private Lending Goes Public

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For many people the investment real estate market is off-limits. They can’t buy and they can’t invest because they lack access to traditional lenders, the banks with big vaults and lots of ATMs. For investors, especially flippers, the situation is worse simply because they represent more lender risk.

This is a problem because for many Americans the most direct route to personal wealth has been real estate. For most property owners the numbers have been pretty good but for a few the returns are spectacular: home flippers had an average 49.8 percent return on investment (ROI) in 2017 according to ATTOM. Not quite as good as 2016 when the flipping ROI hit a record 51.9 percent, but still the second-highest average home flipping ROI since 2000 — the furthest back data is available.

Where traditional lenders fear to tread others see demand. Private lenders — individuals and organizations which make investment real estate loans to borrowers who otherwise cannot get financing — are looking for a bigger share of the marketplace. And they seem to be getting it.

The full white paper with exclusive data and charts from ATTOM, along with more insights from thought leaders in predictive analytics, is available for free download here.

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