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Parent and Student School Ratings & Reviews

Property investors, buyers, and sellers know that good schools increase demand and boost home prices. These areas tend to have higher property taxes, lower crime rates, and more civic participation, but how reliable is the data, and are local governments and the schools themselves the best sources for school ratings?

While various entities provide school data, ATTOM offers the most comprehensive school data as well as other valuable datasets to give the whole picture of a property. ATTOM’s School Ratings & Reviews data is based on direct parent and student feedback on the state of their elementary, middle, and high schools. Survey items include safety, health measures, academics, athletics, and teachers. It’s unique, authentic, and accurate data.

School Data at Your Fingertips

ATTOM has the school data that fits your needs. Our data is sourced, catalogued, and grouped into the proper categories in a nationwide database. With more than 130,000 private and public schools, ATTOM is your go-to resource enabling buyers and investors to locate the best elementary, middle, and high schools in any neighborhood.

It’s not just home buyers with school-age children who are interested in local schools. Property investors and real estate brokers can more accurately value a property, while education entities and governments can gain insights into the state of local schools to ensure public money is well spent.

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How Can You Use ATTOM’s School Ratings & Reviews?


Real Estate Brokerages

Brokerages and agents can highlight unique, community-level data for clients on their websites, offering better insights than their competitors.

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Land Use

Institutional Investors

Real estate and institutional investors can evaluate communities and property areas to make better investment decisions based on school data.

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ATTOM’s school data makes property valuations more accurate for more intelligent loan decisions with less risk.

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Local schools can gather valuable insights from parents and students, respond to feedback and results, and boost enrollment.

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Government entities have access to first-hand data and feedback on the quality of their schools for better allocation of public funds.

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