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ATTOM Tornado Index Data for Community Preparation

More than 1,000 tornadoes touch down in the United States each year, causing around 80 deaths and approximately $400 million in damage. ATTOM’s tornado index data is critical for insurance companies, governments, utility providers, and first responders to prepare for and respond to these devastating environmental events.

Tornado Risk Data for Better Emergency Response

ATTOM’s tornado index data is modeled using publicly available tornado records from U.S. Geological Survey data on 65,000 tornadoes recorded since 1950. A risk index is developed from spatial analysis on tornado paths and single touchdown points.

ATTOM’s accurate predictive analytics allow businesses and institutions to develop emergency plans, and insurers to better serve at-risk communities. Climate change is a hot topic among policy makers, educators, and researchers, who are increasingly looking for accurate and accessible weather-related data from reliable data providers.

How Can You Use ATTOM’s Tornado Data?


Construction Development

Accurate tornado data can help public and private developers select less risky sites for development or reinforce existing structures with safe rooms or storm shelters.
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Distressed Property Owners


Utility companies need to be prepared for emergencies like tornadoes. Accurate data from ATTOM is constantly being updated with the latest government information so that power and other core services are quickly restored for customers after an emergency event.
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New Borrowers

Real Estate

It is vital that property experts inform clients of the risks affecting an area or property. ATTOM’s data is reliable and up to date so that investors understand their exposure and insurance needs.
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Distressed Property Owners

Data Platforms

Local government, researchers, and private groups collaborate to create emergency response plans and mitigate economic and social upheaval. These groups seek accurate environmental hazard data from reliable data platforms for scientific studies.
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New Borrowers


Insurers can better plan their reinsurance requirements when they understand the risk of tornadoes. With the ability to anticipate claims volume and to streamline claims processing, policyholders get the support they need faster.
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